Claudia Johnson Herman

ClaudiaName: Claudia Johnson Herman
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2004
Currently Working at: Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

I work at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. Since I’m in the Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP) my job title is Engineering LDP Sr. But once I’m done with the program I’ll go back to the Operations Analysis group and my job title will be Systems Engineer Sr.

Right now I’m in a Finance Rotation and I’m helping several programs prepare for an audit coming up next year. Since most of our programs are with the government, we get audited every so often. I’m also learning how the money gets allocated and how to set up the accounts so people can charge to the correct activity.

I would definitely recommend management science as a major. It gives you such a variety of opportunities because you learn both engineering and business. You learn so much from the classes where you have group projects. Although a lot of people don’t like the group projects because it’s hard to coordinate with everyone’s schedule. They give you real life experience of how to manage your time, how to work in a team environment and how to deal with different personalities. It was a great experience for me and it gave me a strong foundation for my career.