Brandon Ha

Brandon HaName: Brandon Ha
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2008
Valedictorian, SMU School of Engineering
Currently Working at: Raytheon Corporation

I am currently an employee of Raytheon at the St Petersburg, FL site. My title is Systems Engineer (Level II). A Systems Engineer has multiple functional roles through out the life cycle of a system, ranging from systems requirement, proposal, to integration, evaluation, and testing. I am ‘fresh’ in the field and can’t tell you much about it. Currently, I am working on an intellectual research and development (IRAD) project, in the knowledge management/knowledge discovery (KM/KD), and information fusion (IF) domain. The research is about resource management and course of action analysis. In short, it is about putting the right resources in the right places at the right time to perform the tasks on the set of objects of interest. My goal is to get it submitted and published in a technical journal at the end of the year. As it sounds, it is a complex operations research problem. My background in MS/OR prepares me well for this assignment.

My personal message to the prospective engineering students: “management science is a good major for those of you who like to solve problems and have the ability to see beyond the ordinary. I use the skills I acquired everyday at work, at home, and anywhere I go. It makes me a better decision-maker.”