Benji Luong

Name: Benji Luong
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2004
Currently Working at: Boeing Corporation

For the past year, I’ve been working for Boeing as a systems engineer in California. It is a dream job. Great benefits package, brilliant people to work with, and the opportunities are endless. I’m doing so many things.

With my job responsibilities, I have to effectively utilize my management science, finance, and systems engineering degrees altogether. So, they’ve been really helpful. I’ve used my management science degree mainly for process improvements (lean, six sigma, productivity, etc) in the area of systems engineering. But because management science is a multidisciplinary degree, I am able to use different skills to do various things — software, avionics, mechanical, etc. I’ve also joined a young engineers team to do rapid prototyping of a new lander concept to gain more exposure to these areas. It is really neat.

I highly recommend that incoming freshman plan on going for a master's in systems engineering, if that is their interest. I have a strong feeling that systems engineering is going to boom soon. It is the hot topic among NDIA, Boeing, and other defense contractors. With a master's degree, I have gained more credibility among my colleagues, especially with technical fellows. As a result, I have the opportunity to interface with my directors on a daily basis, and get assigned with very high level responsibilities. I have been doing so well that I recently got a promotion. I’ve been aggressive at tackling more of these responsibilities, so I suggest that graduating seniors do the same when they find a job they like, and they’ll rise quicker.