Research by EMIS Faculty

Dr. Sila Çetinkaya

Supply chain management
Stochastic optimal control and dynamic programming
Applied probability

Dr. Richard (Dick) Barr

New optimization methods and models: network design; logistics; operations management; military targeting; mission planning
Telecom software: optical telecommunications network design; network management and grooming; yield-management
Information engineering: data-mining; micro-simulation databases; scoring and benchmarking systems

Dr. Michael Hahsler

Data mining
Information systems
Software engineering

Dr. Jeff Tian

Software engineering
Software reliability
Testing measurements and analysis 

Dr. Halit Üster

Large-scale optimization models
Efficient solution algorithms for design and analysis of networked systems with applications in logistics and communications

Dr. Eli Olinick

Applied mathematical optimization
Telecommunications network design and optimization
Design and analysis of algorithms