Ellen Czieskiewicz Receives Villagran-Molina Memorial Award

EllenEllen Czieskiewicz (BSMS ‘08) is the 2008 recipient of the Francisco Villagran-Molina Memorial Award for her exemplary academic record and contributions outside of the classroom. Ellen is co-captain of the SMU Rowing team and graduates in May.

This award was established by the EMIS Department and other contributors in remembrance of the individuality and distinctiveness of character by which Francisco touched the lives and hearts of the SMU community. He was a management science graduate who persevered in his battle against blindness and cancer with gentleness and a smile, quietly assuring every one that he was making the most of his time.

The faculty selected Ellen because she best exemplifies the dignity of Francisco who appreciates the opportunity to learn to improve and to grow in the knowledge that what you complete in life echoes [in time without end].