Master of Science in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Engineering Entrepreneurship

Program Director: Duncan MacFarlane, Ph.D. 

Master of Science in Engineering Entrepreneurship (MSEN)


The Master of Science in Engineering Entrepreneurship is a two-semester (31 Credit Hour) cohort-based program in the EMIS Department of the Lyle School of Engineering, offered in concert with Lyle (19 CH) and the Cox School of Business (12 CH). Incoming students will have an engineering undergraduate degree (or equivalent).

A graduate of SMU's M.S. in engineering entrepreneurship will be an engineer who looks at the role of new technology in society with a business perspective. That graduate will have the ability to apply that knowledge to bring new technology to the marketplace. The program thus fills the growing regional and national need for exceptionally trained engineering managers and entrepreneurs to start and to lead new technology ventures.

Rigorous, formal, and successful courses with proven impact will be offered by the Cox School in entrepreneurship knowledge and practice. Management in an engineering context will be taught in well-established courses in Lyle’s EMIS Department. A third anchor for the master's in engineering entrepreneurship will be a new course offering that will be unique to SMU. The two-semester Technology Commercialization Studio will:

  • Focus on the management of products with high technology content,
  • Encourage the incubation of novel technology from students and from SMU’s research laboratories,
  • Include C-level mentors from successful small, and medium sized engineering firms and venture capital firms, and
  • Feature lectures from experts in intellectual property, legal aspects of businesses, ethics, financing, fundraising, sales and other subject matter vital to the practice of engineering entrepreneurship.

Students in the program will also have the ability to add to their engineering expertise, particularly in topics relevant to their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering admission requirements for an M.S. degree, applicants are required to satisfy the following additional requirement: a B.S. in engineering or another technical discipline. The GRE or the GMAT is also required for admission; and if applicable, the TOEFL (foreign language proficiency test.

Degree Requirements

In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering degree requirements for an M.S. degree, candidates are required to satisfy the following additional requirements:

1. Satisfactory completion of the five core courses:

  • CISB 6226 Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunity (Cox)
  • CISB 6222 Starting a Business (Cox)
  • STRA 6224 Entrepreneurial Strategy (Cox)
  • EMIS 7501 Technology Commercialization Studio I (Lyle)
  • EMIS 7503 Technology Commercialization Studio II (Lyle)

2. Satisfactory completion of three courses from the following:

  • CISB 6210 Essential Law for the Entrepreneur
  • CISB 6211 Enhancing Operational Performance for Entrepreneurial Companies
  • CISB 6212 International Entrepreneurship
  • CISB 6214 Law of Financial Transactions for Entrepreneurs
  • CISB 6218 Managing the Family-Owned and Closely Held Business
  • CISB 6224 Venture Financing
  • CISB 6225 Entrepreneurial Exit Strategies
  • CISB 6228 Corporate Entrepreneurship: Intrapreneuring
  • BAEX 6237 Global Explorations in Entrepreneurship

3. Satisfactory completion of two courses from the following:

  • CEE 8326 Sustainable Development
  • EMIS 8358 Technical Entrepreneurship
  • EMIS 7351 Enterprise Fundamentals
  • EMIS 7365 Program and Product Management
  • EMIS 7366 Marketing Engineering
  • EMIS 8361 Engineering Economics and Decision Analysis
  • EMIS 8364 Engineering Management

4. Satisfactory completion of one three hour course from any Lyle graduate program, approved by the adviser.

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