EMIS Accelerated Pathways Advising

Admission to the Accelerated Pathways Program allows Lyle School of Engineering undergraduates to "double-count" up to nine semester-credit hours towards both their undergraduate degree and master's degree.  In order to take full advantage of this program the student should do the following.

  1. Upon admission to a master's degree program, meet with the assigned graduate adviser to plan out which classes that can be double-count towards both degrees, and what courses to take when. (See Master's Advising for how to prepare for this meeting.)
  2. Work with Jim Dees (jdees@smu.edu) in the Lyle Graduate Office, who will record which courses to double-count and enroll you in graduate courses prior to receiving your bachelors degree.
  3. Continue to work with your undergraduate advisers to ensure that you meet all requirements for your Bachelors of Science degree.