Richard Kramer Haile Cook

Richard CookName: Richard Kramer Haile Cook
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Richard is a fifth year undergraduate pursuing a dual degree in electrical engineering and mathematics. For Richard’s senior design project, he co-designed the hardware and solar energy harvesting of a low cost E-reader that was geared toward developing nations. Richard hopes to pursue a career in RF engineering and has significant interest in resonant inductive coupling and wireless power transfer. He is currently a tutor at the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center and tutors calculus, physics, and electrical engineering courses. Richard is an active member in the Kappa Sigma fraternity and participates in numerous philanthropic activities and donates blood often. He has experience as a special projects engineer in industrial flow systems and system optimization from work at Frank Haile & Associates, a company that specializes in bulk handling systems for dry and wet bulk storage and systems that has been in business for almost 70 years with international contracts. In his spare time, Richard is an accomplished private pilot with more than 300 hours of flight time as pilot in command and holds a world record in aviation.