Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Panos Papamichalis


B.S. Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1972; M.S.E.E., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1976; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1980


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Image Processing; Neural Signal Processing


  • P. Rangarajan, P. Papamichalis, “Estimating Homographies Without Normalization”,  2009 Intl Conf. on Image Processing  (ICIP 2009), Cairo, Egypt, November 2009
  • Y. Ghanbari, P. Papamichalis, L. Spence, “Robustness of Neural Spike Sorting to Sampling Rate and Quantization Bit Depth”,  DSP 2009 International Conference, Santorini, Greece, July 2009
  • N. El-Yamany, P. Papamichalis, “Using bounded-influence M-estimators in multiframe super-resolution reconstruction: a comparative study”, IEEE 2008 Intl Conf. on Image Processing  (ICIP 2008), pp. 337-340, San Diego, October 2008
  • N. El-Yamany, P. Papamichalis, M. Christensen “An Adaptive Framework for Robust High-Resolution Image Reconstruction in Multiplexed Computational Imaging Architectures”, Applied Optics, Vol 47, No 10, pp. B117-B127, April 2008