Prasanna Rangarajan

Assistant Professor


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering




  • Imaging the unseen world by bridging the gap between Physical Optics and Electrical Engineering

Prasanna Rangarajan directs the activities of the Photonics Architecture Lab within the Lyle School of Engineering. His research interests focus on the interplay between optics, signal processing and computer vision, and the unique insights it affords. These insights have led to the development of a new class of imagers that are not beholden to the limitations of traditional electro-optic design. Prior to his appointment at SMU, he was enrolled as a graduate student in the PhD program in the Lyle School of Engineering. The technical innovations described in his dissertation have been recognized with multiple awards and issued US patents. In 2015, DARPA identified him as an up-and-coming researcher capable of discovering and leveraging innovative opportunities for technological surprise. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University, in 2000, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from SMU in 2014.


B.S.E.E., Bangalore University, 2000; Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2014
A headshot of Prasanna Rangarajan, a member of the Lyle School of Engineering Faculty.