Mission & Goals

Department Mission: Through quality instruction and scholarly research, to engage each student in a challenging electrical and computer engineering education that prepares graduates for the full range of career opportunities in the high-technology marketplace and enables them to reach their fullest potential as a professional and as a member of society.


Electrical and Computer Engineering departmental goals include:

  • Becoming one of the nation’s leading Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments by building peaks of excellence in the fields of communications/signal processing, micro/optoelectronics and  innovative educational programs
  • Offering an undergraduate curriculum that equips graduates for careers that require ingenuity, integrity, logical thinking, and the ability to work and communicate in teams or for the pursuit of graduate degrees in engineering or other fields such as business, medicine and law
  • Offering world-class Ph.D. programs that prepare graduates for academic careers, research in the high-technology industry or for technical entrepreneurship
  • Promoting life-long learning animated by a passion for the never-ending advancement of technology