Dual M.S. in Engineering/MBA Degree

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The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering and the Edwin L. Cox School of Business offer a two-year, dual degree in Master of Science in Engineering (with one of the specific degrees listed below) and Master of Business Administration, with as few as 68 credit hours. The program is intended for full-time graduate students with bachelor's degrees in engineering or science. The program is offered on-campus, although some of the engineering courses may be taken by means of the Lyle School’s distance learning facilities. This program is geared toward recent graduates as well as early-career professionals employed in the engineering and technology sector who desire to broaden and deepen their skills to further their career opportunities and become leaders in technology with the appropriate business and management acumen.

This program takes advantage of the 44-credit hour Fast Track MBA degree offered by Cox School and double-counts up to six credit hours of MBA courses as electives in the 30-credit hour M.S. in Engineering degree programs making it possible to obtain two degrees with a total of 68 semester credit hours (24 credit hours of engineering and 44 credit hours in MBA program). Students first complete the 24 credit hour of required courses for the specific M.S. in Engineering degree sought during the fall and spring semesters of the first year. Students then start the year-long Fast Track MBA (starting with the summer term and continuing in the fall and spring terms) completing both degrees at the end of the second academic year. At the conclusion of the dual degree program, students obtain an M.S. in the specific engineering degree and the MBA.

The overall educational objective of the dual M.S. in Engineering/MBA program is to impart the necessary breadth and depth in business and in technology for those individuals preparing for leadership roles in technology firms. The program provides a reduction of six credit hours from the total credits that would be required for a student earning the two degrees separately (one of the M.S. in Engineering degrees listed below and the Fast Track MBA) and reduces the time to complete both degrees to two years, including a summer semester.

Applicants must meet both the Lyle School of Engineering admission requirements (general school requirements and program admission requirements) for the specific Lyle Master of Science degree and the Cox School of Business Fast Track MBA requirements.

  1. What are the combined admission requirements for the dual degree program?

    • Completed application to the Lyle School of Engineering

    • Statement of Interest for admission into the Cox School of Business
      What has led you to pursue a graduate business degree? Please identify your short- and long-term career objectives, an explanation of your decision to pursue this degree at this point in your life and your specific interest in the Cox School of Business (500 word limit).

    • GRE or GMAT score report taken within the last five years (unofficial report accepted for application)
      An entrance exam (GRE/GMAT) is required for all applicants to the Cox School of Business. The Cox MBA Admissions committee will consider an exam waiver for SMU-Lyle undergraduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher.

    •  Personal Interview with the Cox School of Business Admissions Committee

  2. How do I apply for the MBA program once I’ve been admitted to an eligible Lyle Program?

    • To submit your application to the M.S. Eng/MBA program at SMU, e-mail all required admissions materials (Statement of Interest, GRE/GMAT scores) to mbainfo@cox.smu.edu. In the e-mail, indicate that you are applying for the dual M.S. Eng/MBA program.

    • After your application is complete and submitted to the Cox School of Business, the Cox Admissions Committee will review the application. Evaluative interviews will then be conducted by invitation only.

  3. Do I have to submit GRE/GMAT Scores?

    • Yes, all applicants to the M.S. Eng/MBA program must submit GRE or GMAT scores. Even if your engineering program does not require a GRE score for admission, the Cox School of Business does require a GRE or GMAT score to be admitted to the Fast Track MBA program.

    • If you have already submitted an official score report to the Lyle School of Engineering, you do NOT need to submit these scores again.

    • The Cox School of Business MBA Admissions Committee may consider a GRE/GMAT waiver for SMU-Lyle undergraduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher, but it is NOT guaranteed.

  4. Do I have to submit a transcript?

    • SMU Lyle School of Engineering will provide the Cox School of Business with your Lyle graduate application, as well as unofficial transcripts, resume, and all other information submitted.

  5. When will I know if I have been accepted to this program?

    • Both the Lyle School and the Cox School of Business are dedicated to providing a quick turnaround in admissions decisions for applicants to the M.S. Eng/MBA program. An applicant should hear back from Cox within two to five business days after the personal interview portion of the application process.

  6. Do I have to be a full-time student?

    • Students enrolled in the M.S. Eng/MBA program will split the two-year program into two sections. One section is made up of Lyle graduate courses, and the other Cox MBA courses. Students taking Lyle graduate classes must be enrolled full-time. They can take courses on campus or via distance learning. While in the Cox section, a student must be enrolled full-time on-campus.

  7. Is tuition higher for this program?

    • Students enrolled in the M.S. in Engineering/MBA program will pay the Lyle tuition rate for all classes.


For more frequently asked questions on admission requirements for both the Cox and Lyle Schools, please visit our Admission FAQs page.

Fall Term (Lyle School)
  Credit Hours
Engineering core/elective
Engineering core/elective       3
Engineering core/elective       3
Engineering core/elective       3
      Term Total
Spring Term (Lyle School)
      Credit Hours
Engineering core/elective       3
Engineering core/elective       3
Engineering core/elective       3
Engineering core/elective       3
       Term Total
      Engineering Total
Summer Term (Cox School)
      Credit Hours
Module A Courses
ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I
FINA 6201 Managerial Finance        2
ITOM 6202 Management Decision Analysis        2
Module B Courses
MAST 6201 Managerial Statistics       2
MKTG 6201 Marketing Management       2
MNGT 6001 Managing Your Career       0
Elective: one course        2
       Term Total
Fall Term (Cox School)
      Credit Hours
Module A Courses
ITOM 6203 Operations Management              2
MNGT 6003 Business Presentation Techniques         0
STRA 6201 Strategic Management       2
Elective: two courses       4
Module B Courses
ACCT second required accounting        2
BUSE 6202 Managerial Economics       2
MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior       2
Elective: one course       2
      Term Total
Spring Term (Cox School)
      Credit Hours
Module A Courses
Elective: four courses       8
Module B Courses
Elective: four courses         8
      Term Total
      Total MBA

68 credit hours total for Dual M.S. in Engineering/MBA


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