Researchers in the High Assurance Computing and Networking (HACNet) Lab work on a broad range of cybersecurity topics, spanning hardware, software, networking and even economic analysis. We leverage lessons from fault tolerance to the security domain, particularly in the areas of disaster recovery and infrastructure resilience. We apply security engineering principles to a variety of emerging applications, such as health-care IT and transportation security.

IDA@SMU (Intelligent Data Analysis lab at SMU)

At IDA@SMU we create novel techniques inspired by knowledge discovery, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and statistical analysis to work with data from various sources.

I/UCRC (NSF Industrial/University Cooperation Research Center for Net-Centric Software and Systems)

We focus on R&D related to net-centric software and systems (see my brief description below), the only NSF I/UCRC (NSF does not duplicate IUCRCs on the same R&D area) that support net-centric operations (NCO) in defense-related applications and service-oriented architecture (SOA) in commercial industries.
  • Industrial members: AMD, Boeing, Cisco, Codekko, EDS/HP, Fujitsu, GlobeRanger, Hall Financial, Intel, LG, Lockheed-Martin, PrismStream, Raytheon, Revere Security, Samsung, Texas Instrument and T-System.