CS Research by Faculty

As part of our mission, we perform research in many diverse areas within the Computer Science and Engineering (CS) disciplines. However, to better serve our local constituents, we view the following research and education areas to be the major areas within which the department will grow within the next few years. Below is a list of our faculty members with their current research interest and links to their web-pages.

  • Joseph Camp: Wireless networking and embedded systems
  • Fred Chang: Cyber Security
  • Frank Coyle: Software Engineering
  • James G. Dunham: Data Compression, Cryptography and Data Security; Information Theory; and Communications and Telecommunications
  • Jennifer Dworak:  Correct Operation of Integrated Circuits and Systems through Advances in Manufacturing Test and Online Error Detection
  • Delores Etter: digital signal processing and biometric signal processing
  • Donald E. Evans: Software Engineering
  • Mark Fontenot: engineering education focusing on the measurement of individual innovative behavior
  • Ira Greenberg:  Creative Computation, Graphics, Visualization and Digital Humanities
  • Ping Gui: High-speed and lowpower analog, mixedsignal, and Radio-Frequency (RF) IC design for a variety of applications including communications, security, medical, automotive, and circuits and systems for harsh environments
    Michael Hahsler:  Data Mining, E-Marketing, Information systems, Software Engineering
  • LiGuo Huang: Software Process, Mining Software Engineering Repositories, Software Quality/Information Dependability Assurance, Software Modeling, Empirical Software Engineering
  • Eric Larson: Structured and Semi-Supervised Machine Learning, Embedded Sensing, mHealth, Ubiquitous Computing
  • Theodore Manikas: Computer system security and reliability, computer-aided integrated circuit design, genetic algorithms
  • David Matula: Computer Arithmetic, Peer to Peer Network Optimization
  • Sukumaran Nair: Cyber Security Analytics, Privacy, Software Defined Networks, Fault-Tolerant Computing
  • Mitchell A. Thornton: Hardware Security, Quantum Logic and Computation, Formal Verification, Digital System Design and Verification, Embedded System Design, Computer Arithmetic and Architecture, Systems Engineering Aspects of Computer Engineering
  • Jeff Tian: Software Engineering, Software Reliability, Testing Measurements and Analysis