Haddijatou Bayo

Name: Haddijatou Bayo
Hometown: The Gambia, West Africa
Major: M.S. Environmental Engineering

Haddi came to the U.S. from The Gambia in July 2007 to further her studies. She obtained a B.S. degree in mathematics and chemistry at Kentucky State University in May 2011. She moved to Dallas the same year to begin her master’s program in environmental engineering under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Quicksall.

She is currently a Research Assistant and is focusing her research on toxic heavy metal removal from drinking water with the Quicksall lab group. She had the opportunity to travel to Liberia for water quality testing at different refugee camps under the UNHCR.

“When I read about the Quicksall lab group on the SMU website, I knew immediately that it was the perfect fit. I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to do what I love.” -Haddi