Civil and Environmental Engineering

Wenjie Sun

Assistant Professor

B.S., Water and Wastewater Engineering, Zhengzhou University, 2001; M.S., Environmental Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, 2004; M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona, 2006; Ph.D., Major in Environmental Engineering, Minor in Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University of Arizona, 2008



Dr. Sun's interests are driven by the desire to understand the role of microbes and manage microbial processes to provide service to interdisciplinary nexus of waste (water)-environment-sustainability.  Dr. Sun's researches aim to explore the interfaces between microbiological processes and their practical applications to solve environmental problems.

  • Environmental biotechnology for the treatment of hazardous pollutants in water, wastewater and sediment
  • Bioremediation of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Integrated solid waste disposal and management with a specific emphasis on biological and chemical processes in landfills that influence the fate of municipal and industrial wastes and landfills behavior
  • Environmental application of molecular microbial biology in natural and engineered ecosystems
  • Environmental health and safety impacts of engineered materials