Janille Smith-Colin

Assistant Professor


Civil and Environmental Engineering





Dr. Smith-Colin seeks to advance sustainability and resilience goals through transportation infrastructure systems research, education, and analysis. Research interests include infrastructure systems performance and management; transportation planning, policy and sustainability; transportation injury prevention and safety management; governance of infrastructure projects and organizations; and engineering education.

Smith-Colin, J. and Liu, L., (2019). Assessing Collaboration Practices and Performance Outcomes: An Analysis of Regional Safety Coalitions. 98th Annual TRB Meeting (Under Review)

Smith-Colin, J. and Kingsley, G., (2019). Integrating Collaboration into Transportation Decision-Making and Governance: A Conceptual Framework. Transport Policy (Under Review)

Amekudzi-Kennedy, A., Akofio-Sowah, A.M., Boadi, R., Brodie, S., Amoaning-Yankson, A., Smith-Colin, J., Fischer, J., and Wall T. (2016). Transportation System Health: Meeting Deficiency Needs and Growth Aspirations Systematically. Transportation Research Record, 2568.

Smith-Colin, J., Fischer, J., Akofio-Sowah, M., and Amekudzi-Kennedy, A., (2014). Evidence-Based Decision Making for Transportation Asset Management: Enhancing the Practice with Quality Evidence and Systematic Documentation. Transportation Research Record, 2460, pp 146-153


Conference Proceedings and Presentations


Amekudzi-Kennedy, A., Amoaning-Yankson, S., Smith-Colin, J., and Clarke, R., and Bui, B. (2018). “Performance-Based Research Implementation,” Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting paper: 18-05124.

Smith-Colin, J and Amekudzi-Kenndy, A. (2017). “Linking Regional Transportation Collaboration to Interorganizational and System Performance.” Engineering Project Organization Conference, Lake Tahoe, California – Best student poster with best accompanying presentation

Smith-Colin, J., Fischer, J., and Amekudzi-Kennedy, A. (2016). “Promoting and Measuring Collaborative Effectiveness to Achieve Performance-Based Goals: Conceptual and Operational Frameworks to Support MAP-21 Implementation,” Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, TRB Session 583: Latest Research in Metropolitan Policy, Planning and Processes paper: 16-3818.

Amekudzi-Kennedy, A., Desroches, R., Burns, S., Wynens, W., Rosenstein, L., Jacobs, L. and Smith-Colin, J (2016). Developing the Global Engineer-Leader at Georgia Institute of Technology.  Proceedings of the 123rd Annual Conference and Exposition of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), New Orleans, LA.


B.S., Lafayette College, 2003; M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2005; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017
A headshot of Janille Smith-Colin, a member of the Lyle School of Engineering Faculty.