CEE Adjunct Faculty

Samir Bougacha, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering – University of Texas at Austin
Lead Engineer – Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

Mark Boyd, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering – Southern Methodist University
Principal Engineer – LCA Environmental, Inc.

Robert M. Casagrande
M.S., Facilities Management – Southern Methodist University
MBA – Southern Methodist University
Director, Plant Operations and Facility Management – Southern Methodist University (Retired) 

Jennifer Cottingham, P.E.
MBA, University of Dallas
President, Sage Milestone LLC

Weiping Dai, P.E., CM
Ph.D., Environmental Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University
Manager, BREEZE – Trinity Consultants

Jonathan Dehn
Doctorate of Natural Science (Volcanology) - Universität zu Kiel
Research Professor and President of V-ADAPT, Geophysical Institute, U. of Alaska Fairbanks

Betsy del Monte, A.I.A., LEED, AP
Master of Architecture, Rice University
CEO – The Return on Investment Project

Diana Easton
Ph.D., Applied Science - Southern Methodist University
President and Founder, NTG LLC

Roger O. Dickey, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering - Southern Methodist University
Adjunct Professor - Southern Methodist University

Hope Hagar
M.A. with a Major in Sustainability and Development – Southern Methodist University

Anwar Hirany, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering – Cornell University
Technical Advisor, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) 

Sina Iman, P.E., PTOE
M.S., Civil Engineering  – Southern Methodist University
Transportation/Traffic Engineer, CH2M

Qiguo Jing, P.E.
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering - U. of California Riverside
Managing Scientific Software Specialist and
Consultant with Trinity Consultants

Kalpalatha (Latha) Kambham
Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Sciences (Major: Environmental Engineering) – University of New Orleans
Managing Consultant – Trinity Consultants

Mehedy Mashnad, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering/Structures – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Senior Structural Engineer - Walter P. Moore and Associates

Steven D. McCauley
M.S., Atmospheric Science – Texas Tech University
Faculty – El Centro College

Mofid Nakhaei, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering/Structures - Southern Methodist University
Senior Structural/Bridge Engineer - Parson Brinckerhoff, Inc.

Sally R. Pinon
M.A., Communication Studies – The University of Texas at Arlington
Lecturer – The University of Texas at Arlington

Jon Rauscher
Ph.D., Zoology - Colorado State University
Senior Risk Assessor – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Bennett Stokes
J.D. Law – University of Texas at Austin
Deputy Regional Counsel – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Retired)

Patricia Taylor, P.E.
Ph.D., Civil Engineering - Southern Methodist University
Water Information and Analysis Team Leader, Surface Water Center – U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Philip Turner
Ph.D., Environmental Science – University of North Texas
Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessor – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Mikel Wilkins, P.E.
Owner, Urban Ecoplan LLC

Rumanda Young, AICP, RLA
Ph.D., Urban Planning and Public Policy – University of Texas at Arlington
Project Manager – U.S. Army Corp of Engineers