RCAM is inviting companies to join us in addressing key research and technology development issues in manufacturing technology. Companies with 500 or more employees can join as a Regular Member with annual membership dues of $35,000.00. Companies with fewer than 500 employees can join as an Associate member with annual membership dues of $10,000.00.

A company engaged in manufacturing and materials processing, or in supplying the machines, tools, software, or other components directed towards the processing of advanced and emerging materials, or a U.S. research organization performing research and development on manufacturing technology, may become a Regular or Associate member of the Center. All Center Members will be entitled to:   

  • Hold a voting seat on the Center Industry Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Participate in semi-annual Center program reviews
  • Track, monitor, and advise the Director on the Center's research, educational, and training activities 

A company could earn a membership in RCAM by funding a research project with an amount at least equal to the annual membership fee. In addition, a company may contribute in-kind support towards the membership fee. 

Benefits to RCAM's Members

  • Assistance in developing and implementing new manufacturing processes and systems
  • Design and rapid prototyping
  • Numerical and experimental analysis of products and processes
  • Optimization and automation of current manufacturing processes
  • Technical assistance in feasibility studies, project evaluation planning and control
  • Assistance in training and professional development of employees
  • Recruitment of highly qualified graduate students
  • Usage of the Center’s equipment for product and process development
  • Jointly attract long-term federal, state and private funding

Types of Collaborations

  • Core research projects, funded by sponsor membership fees, to develop a knowledge and skills base for transfer to industry
  • Single-sponsored projects, funded by one sponsor for its sole benefit and strictly confidential
  • Group-sponsored projects, funded by a number of companies usually to address the pre-competitive needs of a particular industrial sector
  • Collaborative projects, funded by federal and state agencies and corporations

For more information, please e-mail Radovan Kovacevic at