Rapid Manufacturing by Electron Beam Melting

    ARCAM A2 machine for direct metal deposition  

    SMU’s RCAM is equipped with a new EBM A2 machine manufactured by ARCAM AB from Sweden. This is the third generation of ARCAM’s machines for direct metal deposition by using a highly controllable electron beam as a source of heat to melt different type of materials, such as Ti-alloys, supper Ni-alloys, Co-chromium, tool steels, aluminum alloys, etc. in a vacuum environment.
    • High deposition rate
    • Complex shapes without support structures
    • Substitute for casting and forgings
    • Controlled level of residual stress in buildups
    • Low powder waste
    • Aerospace
    • Aircraft
    • Automotive
    • Marine equipment
    • Bio-implants
    • Sport equipment
  • Research Areas at RCAM