Learn About Drip Irrigation?

What is drip irrigation? 

Drip irrigation is a method of watering plants that delivers water directly to each plant instead of watering the whole garden area at once.  This is an ideal watering solution that will not only help your plants stay well-hydrated, but will also help the planet by saving water! What happens in a drip irrigation system seems complicated, but it’s actually fairly simple!

Is drip irrigation different from regular watering? 

Typically, when most people water their plants, they water the whole garden at once, not directly targeting each plant individually.  While this is an effective watering method, much of the water is absorbed into the surrounding dirt and soil, instead of just being absorbed by the plant’s roots.  A drip irrigation system can minimize the amount of water being wasted to the plant’s surroundings by providing water directly to each of the plants’ roots. This system consists of a pump, that is attached to a water supply, connected to pipes that weave through the garden.  In the bottom of these pipes, there are holes that direct water to the root of each plant.

How efficient is drip irrigation?

These pipes are well-insulated, minimizing the amount of evaporation, making the system way more efficient than normal watering!  Instead of watering plants for a shorter amount of time at a higher flow, a drip irrigation system uses a lower flow, or “drips” of water, over a longer period of time to ensure that the plants are provided sufficient hydration.  While some drip irrigation systems only provide the plants with water, many also provide the plants with fertilizer as well. This control system can then not only provide your plants with water, but it can feed them too!