Lyle Peer Mentorship Program

I want to apply to the Lyle Peer Mentorship Program as a:

First Year Student Student Mentor



As a mentor, you will become a resource to first year students during their transition to Southern Methodist University and utilize your personal experiences and the resources available to help guide these students to make the most of their time in college.

General Benefits

•Create a welcoming community within Lyle
•Share your experiences and knowledge with younger students
•Become a confidant for a first year and help guide them
•Showcase your leadership skills
•Gain more overall knowledge of your degree and Lyle by teaching someone else

Professional Growth-Partnered with the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership

•Build strong professional network with mentees and fellow mentors
•Shows future employers your interest in improving yourself and the community
•Demonstrates that you take initiative, adapt to directions and focus on the big picture
•Professional distinction as someone who can serve as an example and role model
•Develop strong leadership and intrapersonal skills
•Improve your future career path with tangible examples for your resume:
•CEO’s worldwide said that mentoring has assisted them in having careers that are fast tracked and forward moving, which they claim would have been much harder or impossible otherwise.
•According to Forbes, employees who have previous experience as a mentor are 6 times more likely to be promoted.
•Students who participate in mentoring programs are 40% more likely to have a job upon graduation.

Personal Growth

•Gain confidence in ability to lead others
•Reenergize your passion for Lyle and your future goals
•Create a lasting legacy
•Develop lifelong relationships and partnerships


As a mentee, you will receive assistance from Peer Mentors during your transition to Southern Methodist University and develop strategies for success during your time in college. Your Peer Mentor will be a supportive resource as you encounter new academic experiences.

General Benefits

•Receive wisdom and advice
•Have an objective person with whom to discuss problems/concerns
•Receive guidance on aspects of academic life and culture
•Have an upperclassman be a resource
•Introductions to organizations around campus
•Ability to meet new people around Lyle and get involved

Professional Growth-Partnered with the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership

•Receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction
•Receive help with clarifying career goals and course of action
•Receive good advice and practical help for obtaining additional training
•Receive general constructive criticism and guidance

Increased Self-Confidence

•Gain confidence in ability to do research
•Gain confidence in leadership role

Personal Growth

•Experience increased motivation and productivity
•Develop new interests
•Discover the importance of collegiality and sense of community
•Opportunities to hold leadership positions in organizations around SMU

Lyle Peer Mentorship Flyer