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The Hart Center provides various levels of student support as needed―from individual to group and team coaching―to helping students strengthen their leadership style, reach personal development goals, and be a more productive team member.

Individual Coaching
Hart Center advisers are available to help students create, modify, and refine their Personal Development Plan throughout their academic experience. Along the way, students can receive direct feedback and guidance on additional leadership development tools and opportunities. As graduation nears, students can receive final coaching on areas for them to be sensitive to, areas to develop, and areas to continue building on as a leader throughout their career.

Group Coaching
Student groups and teams can receive coaching throughout team projects for individual team members and teams as a whole. We can diagnose team functioning, give feedback, advise on project management, help resolve conflict, leverage team strengths, and evaluate and coach other members of the team.

The Mentor Program connects students to a working professional in their career interest area, who can serve as a resource for a student’s personal and professional development. Mentors share their industry and civic experience, as well as personal and professional insights, to help students create a roadmap to success.

“The Hart Center has pushed me as a leader to understand the fundamentals of leadership, then apply them. While working with the director to put together an event, I learned the history of the student organization I was leading. This really helped me to piece together a plan and goals for the coming school year.”  

~SMU-Lyle Student President of Society of Women Engineers (SWE)