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  • First Year Design Project

  • Girls Inc.

  • Lyle in the City

The Hart Center believes the only way to grow is to challenge oneself. We encourage students to take the insight learned from the HLA Assessment, create a Personal Development Plan, and engage in activities that will build on a student’s strengths and fortify areas needing improvement. We expose students to the many opportunities available within the Lyle School, in the SMU community, and in the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth business climate, where students can practice leadership and grow as a leader.

Class Enrichment

Community Engagement Projects

Student Clubs/Organizations

Hart Center Workshops & Events

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“The Hart Center has pushed me as a leader to understand the fundamentals of leadership, then apply them. While working with the director to put together an event, I learned the history of the student organization I was leading. This really helped me to piece together a plan and goals for the coming school year.”  

~SMU-Lyle Student President of Society of Women Engineers (SWE)