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The Hart Center Assessment Portfolio is a set of three assessments that can be taken at strategic points in a student’s academic tenure. The assessment, advising, and practicing process can be repeated before, during, and at the end of a student’s academic experience to make sure they are consistently making and reaching their leadership and professional development goals.

The Hart Leadership Assessment is a self-assessment that can be taken at the beginning of a student’s first year and reveals a student’s baseline leadership strengths and areas for growth. We help students review and analyze results, then customize a Personal Development Plan.

The Hart Leadership Follow-Up Assessment is a self-assessment that can be taken at the end of the first year to help measure improvement, refine a student’s Personal Development Plan, and customize activities for the student to further practice leadership and professional development skills.

The Hart Leadership Team/Peer Review Assessment can be taken by teams or groups of students to give feedback, measure a member’s perceived leadership skills, further areas for growth, and encourage lifelong improvement.

“I thought the retrospectives were key in building our teams. I could sense our team dynamic improving every time we came out of a retrospective, even when we did not perform well in a sprint.”

~SMU-Lyle KNW 2300 Student