The Hart Center offers reoccurring events and workshops to help you build connections and improve your professional skills. Check out our upcoming events for specific information.

Reoccurring Workshops & Events

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, this engineering-only career fair is held twice a year, in the fall (September) and spring (February). Engineering students are invited to meet employers recruiting for engineering and technical positions (co-ops, internships, and full-time employment opportunities). More than 400 engineering students attend this event each term, and it is highly anticipated by employers.

Employers host on-campus sessions designed to inform students about their company and future engineering career opportunities. Typically, most companies bring alumni to speak about their experience as new hires. Sessions may be informational meet-and-greets where students speak directly with employers or grab-and-go sessions where students may bring their resumes and discuss job opportunities with the employer.

Engineering Resumania allows students to receive immediate resume critiques from industry professionals. Employers meet with students one-on-one for 10-15 minutes, offering feedback and suggestions on students' resumes. Engineering Resumania kicks off the recruitment season for each term with 100+ engineering students attending. This event is held during Lyle’s fall and spring terms.

After students take the initial Hart Leadership Assessment (HLA), they are encouraged to attend a group debrief session with Hart Center Leadership advisers. This event provides information about the HLA, as well as guidance on how to make sense of the individualized data each student receives from their HLA feedback report.

At dedicated open house sessions, students learn of all the services provided by the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership (HCEL). Topics cover our approach to developing a well-rounded engineer; exploring ways to challenge, practice, and grow professionally; and providing student support and coaching to students along their educational journey.

This session is held once in the fall term, allowing students to receive a mock interview to improve their interview skills. Students interview with professionals and receive immediate feedback.

A fall term kick-off event at SMU-Lyle where new and returning students gather to enjoy ice cream, meet other students, and mingle with the engineering faculty.

For those students seeking full-time, internship, and undergrad co-op positions. Learn about recruiting opportunities, timelines, and how to conduct your job search successfully.

A session designed specifically for international students, with in-depth guidance on how to begin the job or internship search in the United States. Held each term.

Lyle engineering students lead these volunteer work sessions at the current community engagement projects sites, helping identify problems and develop solutions in the community.

Several events occur through the year to promote our Mentors & Mentees, including a Meet & Greet Mixer, training sessions, and end-of-year celebrations. 

This networking forum brings together collegiate women and professional female engineers. The light and fun atmosphere encourages women engineers of all ages to share insights and give advice through one-on-one exchanges between students and professionals. The SMU SWE president leads a panel discussion that engages women engineers in conversations about their success.