Reoccurring Workshops & Events

SMU-Lyle and The Hart Center offer a variety of events for students throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events.

Open to both undergrad and grad students, this engineering-only event is a career fair held twice a year, in the fall (September) and spring (February). Engineering students are invited to meet employers recruiting for engineering and technical positions (co-ops, internships, and full-time employment opportunities). More than 400 engineering students attend this event each term, and it is highly anticipated by employers.

The Hunt Institute strives to bring together the most talented minds from various fields, including engineering; science; business; international development; and global economics, and combines their efforts with market forces to improve the standard of living for those living in extreme poverty. Focus areas are on access to clean water; creating affordable shelter, including design justice for the marginalized; hygiene education and promotion; access to energy; and meeting basic infrastructure needs.

Held twice a year, in the fall (September ─ early November) and in the spring (late January ─ mid-March), employers present an overview of their company and their engineering career opportunities. Typically, most companies bring alumni to speak about their experience as new hires.

Employers visiting campus for a specific time and day are highlighted during this “grab & go” event. Flyers and emails are sent ahead of time to alert students to bring their resumes and drop by between classes.

Engineering Resumania provides a chance for Lyle Engineering students to receive resume critiques from industry professionals. Employers meet with students one-on-one for 10-15 minutes, offering feedback and suggestions on students' resumes. Engineering Resumania kicks off the recruitment season for each term with 100+ engineering students attending. This event is held during Lyle’s fall and spring terms.

After students take the initial Hart Leadership Assessment (HLA), they are encouraged to attend a group debrief session with Hart Center Leadership advisers, who discuss the HLA Workbook. This resource provides information about the HLA, as well as guidance on how to make sense of the individualized data each student receives from their HLA feedback report.

A similar debrief session as described above, but structured to meet the needs of graduate students.

At dedicated open house sessions, students learn of all the services provided by the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership (HCEL). Topics cover the HCEL’s approach to developing a well-rounded engineer through assessments, including the Hart Leadership Assessment; exploring ways to challenge, practice, and grow professionally; and providing student support and coaching to students along their educational journey.

A fall term kick-off event at SMU-Lyle, where new and returning students gather to enjoy ice cream, meet other students, and mingle with the engineering faculty.

Through an interactive employer panel, students receive practical advice on the fundamentals of preparing for an interview. Items covered include how to research open positions, tackling tough interview questions, and formulating insightful responses. Held each term.

For those students seeking full-time, internship, and undergrad co-op positions. Learn about recruiting opportunities, timelines, and how to conduct your job search successfully. Held each term.

A session designed specifically for international students, with in-depth guidance on how to begin the job or internship search in the United States. Held each term.

Lyle engineering students lead these volunteer work sessions at the current community engagement projects sites, helping identify problems and develop solutions in the community.

An annual event, Lyle Research Day spotlights the exciting research being done by faculty and students across the engineering school. It includes a morning session with several speakers, lunch, an afternoon poster session, and an ice cream social with an awards presentation.

This is an end-of-the-year celebration for participants in the Mentor Program―both professional mentors and student mentees―to commemorate, recognize, and express appreciation for the unique experience of mentoring.

This social mixer, held in the fall, provides the setting for mentors and mentees to meet each other, launch their mentor relationships, and network with other mentors/mentees.

Also held in the fall, this orientation for working professionals covers the details and expectations of serving as a mentor.

Held once in the fall, this orientation provides all the details and expectations of the upper-class (junior and senior) students who are interested in the Mentor Program.

This session is held once in the fall term, allowing students to receive a mock interview to improve their interview skills. Students interview with professionals and receive immediate feedback.

Sponsored by Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity, this event has teams design and build a machine based on provided specifications. The winning team is eligible to present their machine at the national competition.

This networking forum brings together collegiate women and women professional engineers. The light and fun atmosphere facilitates communications that encourage women engineers of all ages to share insights and give advice. In addition to the one-on-one exchanges between students and professionals, a panel discussion ─ led by the SMU SWE president ─ engages successful women engineers in conversation during the evening activities.

This group of Lyle student leaders, representing over 16 engineering clubs and organizations, goes on a fall retreat to get to know each other and help plan the academic year’s student-led events for the Lyle School, including homecoming festivities and the annual awards banquet. SEJC leaders also meet regularly with the Dean and engineering administration to discuss student concerns and needs of the engineering school.

This is a weekly brown bag lunch, video, and discussion series that invites guest moderators from across campus to lead discussions on their favorite TED Talks.

TEDxSMU brings together ideas and interesting people from around the world and around the corner. Although licensed by TED, TEDxSMU is independently organized. Students engage in the full conference, help plan and curate the spring conference, and network with speakers.

The John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of public policy and international affairs, the advancement of public service, and the education of the next generation of leaders. The Center fulfills its mission through teaching and research  and by hosting prominent scholars and public officials from the United States and around the world at lectures and sponsored conferences. For upcoming events, please go to:

Held annually in the spring, Visioneering is one of the largest events in the nation celebrating National Engineers Week. The event targets middle school students from a wide range of communities in the DFW area and exposes them to the world of possibilities available in the field of engineering. These young students meet mentors, participate in hands-on activities, and interact with exhibitors and entertainment―all related to engineering.

Women of Lyle is a networking and discussion event hosted by the Society of Women Engineers and the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership.

“The Hart Center prepares the students very well for career fair days. They assist the students with resume writing and mock interviews to help the students understand the importance of the interviewing process. This allows the companies more time to interact with the student on what the student is seeking and how the company can give them the consulting experience to grow their career.”

~CP&Y Executive