Prepare to Meet an Employer

Meet the Employer

Meeting an employer face-to-face is your opportunity to prove your potential for success at their company. To prepare for any interaction with a potential employer, including interviews, career fairs, or meet-and-greets, be sure to research thoroughly, dress appropriately, and be prepared for tough questions. 

Professional Attire

Choose conservative, business professional attire. A black, navy, or gray suit, with minimal accessories, is a safe choice. Clothing should fit well and be clean and pressed. Visit our Pinterest page for recommendations on professional dress. 

Interview Stream

Practice interviewing, anytime, anywhere. Access Interview Stream through your Handshake account and practice your interview skills before you meet an employer. Answer mock questions and view expert tips on interview preparation. 

Preparation Checklist 

Prepare to meet an employer by gathering the necessary materials. Bring printed copies of your resume and any other documents the employer may request. Carry your materials in a simple leather or vinyl bound portfolio. 

Thank-You Notes 

After meeting an employer, send a thank you note to indicate your interest in the company and appreciation for the opportunity to interview. Ask for your interviewer's business card and send your note within 24 hours. Be genuine and take care to mention something specific that you discussed with them. Conclude by reiterating your interest in the company.