Research Areas

A number of R&D issues related to laser/plasma aided manufacturing processes will be addressed by the CLAM’s research team including:
  • applications of high power fiber laser, fiber coupled diode laser and direct diode laser in welding, cladding, heat treatment, hybrid welding, paint removal
  • micro-machining of different type of materials
  • laser-based cladding combined with a multi-axis high-speed machining for rapid manufacturing/repair
  • micro plasma-based cladding for rapid manufacturing/repair
  • cladding/welding in air by electron beam guided through plasma window
  • friction stir welding of dissimilar materials assisted by laser
  • thermo-mechanical modeling of laser/plasma materials processing
  • heat management
  • sensing and control of laser/plasma materials processing
  • paint stripping by laser
  • synthesis of materials by laser

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