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Engineers Without Borders-SMU

Engineers Without Borders-SMU is a non-profit student organization that partners with developing communities around the world to implement sustainable water, power, sanitation, and infrastructure solutions, enabling educational and economic improvement.

Driven EWB-SMU students and leaders use practical engineering to bring the classroom and hope to life through compassionate action.

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Dwell Earth

Dwell Earth collaborates with the Institute’s Global Development Lab’s Better Building project to examine the effectiveness of using compressed earth block (CEB) for long-term energy-efficient structures. Dwell Earth delivers innovative building solutions utilizing advanced CEB construction technologies, appropriate design and project management by using local resources to help transform lives and communities throughout the world. Co-founder Adam De Jong is a Hunt Institute Fellow and a social entrepreneur. Over the years De Jong has provided his expertise to Lyle’s Civil and Environmental department to expand CEB research. 

The company exists to make healthier, more environmentally conscious structures while taking aim at critical world housing shortages. Dwell Earth merges innovative technologies, which improve upon age-old earth construction methods, with sustainable business and job creation for the transformation of global communities.

Dwell Earth was created from the question of how to link the wealthiest people that inhabit the earth to the poorest in order to deliver sustainable building solutions to both simultaneously. To do this, the company created an efficient and intuitive building system using local and renewable resources that both the rich and poor can access.