Become a Mentor

Do you have career experience and wisdom to share with a junior or senior engineering student? The Hart Center Industry Mentor Program is looking for experienced engineering or business professionals who can provide one-on-one guidance to students in their college-to-career transition. 

As a mentor, you can help students set and achieve goals, leverage their strengths and fortify their weaknesses, listen and offer advice, help them make connections with other professionals, expose them to career opportunities, and help design a road map to success.


Participants must commit to:

  • Being involved for a minimum of one academic year (August-May)
  • Participating in regular one-on-one meetings with Student Mentee
  • Attending one mentor training session
  • Notifying the Hart Center of any challenges and changes in contact information

If you, or a colleague, match the Mentor Profile below and are interested in mentoring a student, apply now or contact Kathy Hubbard, director of the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership, at or 214-768-3033.


Apply to Become a Mentor 

To sign-up as a mentor, log on to the Lyle Success Connections Platform using your email or your LinkedIn account and make a profile. Then request to join the Lyle Industry Mentoring Program under the "Programs" tab. Signing up through Lyle Success Connections is required.

Communicating Through Lyle Success Connections Platform

The Lyle Success Connections Platform is available for all Lyle students to use, so that they may contact professionals to help with career development and resources. When creating a profile, you will have the option to limit how often students contact you, if at all. Students will only be able to contact you through the site. We encourage you to explore and utilize the site and help our students get an inside look into the working world.