About the Industry Mentor Program

Industry mentors can help students develop greater self-awareness, provide honest and constructive feedback, expose them to engineering and other industry work environments, and encourage them to achieve goals.

As a mentee, students will be connected to an experienced engineering mentor who is eager to serve as a resource for personal and professional development. Their mentor may provide industry connections, advice and skill-building opportunities. 

As a mentor, professionals will help build student mentee’s industry experience by providing expert guidance. Mentors work with the mentee to help chart a personal plan for success.

The Industry Mentor Program includes training sessions, one-on-one guidance from an experienced industry professional and invitations to networking events. Participants will commit to these program specifications:

  • Being involved for a minimum of one academic year (August – May)
  • Participating in regular one-on-one meetings
  • Attending training sessions
  • Keeping discussions confidential
  • Enlisting the help of Hart Center staff, as needed
  • Notifying the Hart Center of any changes in contact information

For any additional questions or comments, contact Kathy Hubbard, Director of the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership, at khubbard@smu.edu or 214-768-3033.