Doctoral Admission

The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering offers both a Doctor of Engineering (D.E.) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Entrance into these programs is highly competitive and allows candidates to work on cutting-edge research with top faculty in their disciplines. 

The D.E. degree is distinguished from a Ph.D. degree in that a Ph.D. is expected to make a significant advance to scientific knowledge, whereas a D.E. is expected to make a contribution to science by studying its implementation and participating in the transformation of knowledge into technology. Currently, D.E. degrees are offered with majors in engineering management and software engineering. Specific details about Ph.D. program requirements are found in the departmental sections of the graduate catalog and online under degree programs offered by the respective departments.

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Application Instructions: Domestic Students
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Admission Deadlines

Term US Citizens,
Permanent Residents
and H1, H4 Visa
F1, F2, J1,
J2 Visa
Fall July 15 May 15 July 15
Spring Nov 15 Sept 1 Nov 15
Summer April 15 N/A Apr 15

To learn more or ask questions concerning doctoral study, contact one of our academic departments, our graduate admissions office at 214-768-2002, or by emailing