Lyle Undergraduate Academic Departments


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Offers degrees in both Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Programs focus on planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and managing the nation’s physical infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, power plants, water and wastewater systems. Additional focus areas include conservation, natural resource recovery, air quality, pollution control and environmental health.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree

Engineering Leadership

Environmental Engineering Pre-Medical

Computer Science

Computer Science*

Offers a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. Undergraduate and graduate programs focus on all aspects of computer design, as well as software construction and applications.

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Data Engineering

Engineering Leadership

Game Development




Software Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering*

Offers degrees in Electrical Engineering covering core technology topics in areas such as biomedical engineering, communications and information technology, control systems, digital signal processing, computer vision, lasers, optoelectronics, electromagnetic theory and microwave electronics, circuit and VLSI design.

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree

Electrical Engineering and Physics Dual Degree

Computer Engineering:



Software Engineering



Electrical Engineering:


Computer Engineering

Smart Wireless and Embedded Systems



Engineering Leadership

Engineering Management, Information, and Systems

Operations Research and Engineering Management

Offers degrees in Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Operations Research, and Management Science. Programs focus on the study, design and management of the technology-rich systems that drive today’s information-intensive organizations.

Management Science*

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering*

Offers degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Programs focused on solutions to problems in design and manufacturing, robotics, automotive and transportation systems, energy production and distribution, as well as all other aspects of mechanical systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Physics Dual Degree

Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree


Dynamics and Controls

Engineering Leadership



Solid Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacturing