Engineering education beyond the baccalaureate degree may have one or any combination of the objectives below, some of which may relate only indirectly to a graduate degree:

  • Upgrading: taking advanced work to raise the level of one’s formal capabilities.
  • Updating: keeping one’s education current.
  • Diversification: seeking to obtain formal education in another field, but not necessarily at a higher degree level.
  • Maturing: adding new perspectives on one’s field without raising the academic level of education.

Students choose to pursue a master’s degree for one or more reasons. Start your journey today.

Programs offered through SMU GO:

  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity


Application Deadlines

Term US Citizens, Permanent Residents and H1, H4 Visa International, F1, F2, J1, J2 Visa Weekend Format
Fall July 15 May 15 July 15
Spring Nov 15 Sept 1 Nov 15
Summer April 15 N/A April 15


Special Situations

Reactivation if you are seeking readmission to the graduate degree program after some time away
Change of Program if you want to transfer into another degree program
Contact if you have questions