M.S. in Datacenter Systems Engineering

M.S. in Datacenter Systems Engineering

This program is designed for professionals who are actively employed in or seek to enter the field of digital infrastructure including the management of data and the extraction of useful information, computer networking, virtualization, and security. Additionally, this program addresses the design and maintenance of datacenters and its mission critical facility subsystems, providing students with an opportunity to gain working knowledge and skill sets necessary to become a leader in this field.

The program was developed with significant input from the leaders of the digital infrastructure industry. It is designed to respond to the emerging needs of this exponentially growing field. The current external advisory board is made up of executives in corporations that lead the industry.

The Lyle School of Engineering offers this unique multidisciplinary master's degree by incorporating course contributions from each of the five (5) standing engineering departments: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); Mechanical Engineering (ME); Computer Science (CS); Engineering Management, Information, and Systems (EMIS); and Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE).

Qualified students with undergraduate degrees in engineering, one of the physical sciences or mathematics are required to complete 10 courses (30 credit hours). Students entering the program with an undergraduate degree other than in engineering, one of the physical sciences, or mathematics may be asked to articulate the necessary courses.

Program Director: Volkan Otugen, Ph.D.

“We are working to meet the educational and fast-growing workforce needs of the industry. The timing couldn’t be better. The datacenter industry demands professionals with diverse, highly specialized skills to effectively address the demands of this rapidly evolving profession.”