Graduate Degree Plans

Lyle Engineering offers a variety of graduate programs in five general areas of study. Graduate programs are designed in close partnership with industry to deliver relevant courses that apply directly to today's demanding business environment.

The following is a list by department of graduate degrees offered by the Lyle School of Engineering.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

M.A. Sustainability and Development
M.S. Civil Engineering (emphasis in Construction Management)
M.S. Civil Engineering (emphasis in Geotechnical Engineering)
M.S. Civil Engineering (emphasis in Structural Engineering)
M.S. Civil Engineering (emphasis in Transportation Systems)
M.S. Environmental Engineering
M.S. Secondary Specialty Worksheet
Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

M.S. Computer Science
M.S. Cybersecurity
M.S. Software Engineering
D.E. Software Engineering
Ph.D. Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

M.S. Electrical Engineering
M.S. Computer Engineering
M.S. Telecommunication and Network Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. Computer Engineering

Operations Research and Engineering Management

M.S. Operations Research
M.S. Operations Research (Accelerated Pathways)
M.S. Engineering Entrepreneurship
M.S. Engineering Management
M.S. Systems Engineering
M.S. Information Engineering and Management
D.E. Engineering Management
Ph.D. Operations Research

Mechanical Engineering

M.S. Manufacturing Management
M.S. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Multidisciplinary Studies

M.S. Applied Science
M.S. Datacenter Systems Engineering
M.A. Design and Innovation
Ph.D. Applied Science