Graduate Degree Deadlines

The following deadlines have been established by the Lyle Graduate Studies Office to ensure an orderly progression of steps in processing graduation applications for advanced degrees. It is important that students/advisors observe them if the degree is to be awarded on schedule. The materials listed below, as well as the electronic thesis, praxis or dissertation are required by the last day of instruction in order for the student to be a degree recipient.

Note: All Theses and Dissertations must be submitted electronically. 

Degree Plan
Supervisory Committee Form
Admission to Candidacy*
Final Defense Report on Thesis or Dissertation
Survey of Earned Doctorates*
SMU Scholar

* Not required for thesis


Last Day to File Application for Graduation on

Spring term Summer term Fall term
January 22, 2021 June 4, 2021 August 27, 2021

Applications for Candidacy to Graduate (ACG's) are to be filed online through by the above deadline date.  It is necessary to file an intent to graduate at the beginning of each semester in which you intend to graduate.  Please inform Jim Dees, Suite 253 Caruth Hall, if you determine that you will not graduate after you have turned in a graduation application for a particular semester. Contact Jim Dees for access to the graduation application link.