Instructor Help Desk

Distance exam submission instructions for faculty: 

1. Go to our Online Support Center and login with your SMU ID and password 

2. From the main support page, select the 'Lyle Distance Ed' tile

3. Select 'Faculty Exam Submission'

4. Complete the form by filling in the required fields (include special instructions that must be provided to exam proctors)

5. Click "Select File" to attach and upload your exam. It is recommended that you use a pdf file format

6. Click 'Save' to submit the Faculty Exam form (You will receive an automatic ticket notification to your SMU email)

If you have trouble logging in, try using smu\Your_ID# as username, and your SMU password

If you have any trouble uploading your file attachment, try using an alternate browser (Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended)

Exam retrieval:

After the completed exams have been returned by the exam proctors, you will receive a link to your SMU email allowing access to a secure directory where you can download the exams for grading.

Please contact us at or call 214-768-1260 if you have any questions

Helpful quick links for instructors:

Faculty exam submission form 

SMU account information 

Accessing your SMU email 

Using box.smu