Master's Programs

The Operations Research and Engineering Management (OREM) Department offers five master's programs.


M.S. in Operations Research

Operations Research, a.k.a., Prescriptive Analytics, applies advanced quantitative methods to help organizations make better decisions and generate insight for practical implementation. By using data-driven, analytical and computational techniques, such as mathematical modeling to analyze complex situations, Operations Research gives organizational leaders the power to make effective and insightful decisions and build productive systems in the age of Big Data. 

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M.S. in Engineering Management (MSEM)

The M.S. in Engineering Management was developed for individuals who have an undergraduate technical degree and who will be rising through management or starting their own company. The Engineering Management degree is designed to impart essential knowledge for students interested in current and future technology-driven businesses. 

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M.S. in Information Engineering and Management (MSIEM)

Information Engineering and Management provides the graduate with the tools to effectively engineer, manage and utilize the data collection and information flow of an organization. Students will develop technical and management skills required in the age of Big Data. Our unique curriculum combines software, networking, hardware, technology and management development along with data-driven modeling and computational skills.

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M.S. in Systems Engineering

The goal of Systems Engineering is the development and management of systems (products and services) that satisfy customer requirements. This degree trains graduates to view the system as a whole during its life cycle by considering engineering, technology, environmental, management, risk and economic factors in context, using Systems Engineering principles, methods and practices.

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M.S. in Engineering Entrepreneurship

A graduate of the M.S. in Engineering Entrepreneurship program will be an engineer who looks at the role of new technology in society with a business perspective. Students will have the ability to apply that knowledge to bring new technology to the marketplace. The program fills the growing regional and national need for exceptionally-trained engineering managers and entrepreneurs to start and lead new technology ventures.

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