Current Students

If you are a current Lyle undergraduate student interested in any of the research in the department, please check Lyle Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)the SMU Undergraduate Research Assistantships site or contact Christy Ahsanullah.

For both undergraduate and graduate students, if you are interested in a TA/Grader position, please submit your resume, along with a list of courses you may be qualified for, to Christy Ahsanullah.

For all Undergraduate forms, please work with your advisor to obtain the relevant forms for your program of study.

All Graduate degree plans and other forms may be be found here


Student Advisory Board

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Advisory Board (SAB) is run by undergraduate and graduate students in the ECE department to address student-related issues and concerns. The ECE SAB provides regular feedback to the department chair on all academic and non-academic issues relating to the students in the department. Students may submit any concerns they may have directly to the ECE SAB via

2021-2022 ECE Student Advisory Board Members

Danyal Ahsanullah
Mahmoud Badi
Maximillian Dennis
Tao Fu
Han Gao
Caroline Hall
Audrey Lawrence
Yanling Lin
Rachel Mannon
Cameron Matson
Rakesh Pyata
Aaron Taylor
Thi Tran
John Wensowitch
Chien-Wei “William” Wu

If you would like to serve on the ECE Student Advisory Board, please contact Christy Ahsanullah.

A headshot of Austin Madoff, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Austin Madoff

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Hometown: Austin, TX

Why SMU?: I came to SMU for the connections and leadership development that is built into the curriculum.

Experience: This past summer I interned for a startup called GenXComm. They have developed active interference cancellation in the RF domain. I worked closely with the RF team in the testing and refinement of these systems.

Fun Fact: I enjoy writing, producing, and performing original music in my free time.

A headshot of Daniele Farren, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Daniele Farren

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Hometown: Longview, TX

Why SMU?: I came to SMU for the small school size and resources within Lyle.

Experience: This past summer I was on Dr. Camp’s undergraduate student research team for Multi-Dimensional Drone Communication. I specifically worked on integrating strategic LiDAR points and aerial imaging for the 3D reconstruction of archeological sites.

Fun Fact: I plan on becoming a Patent Lawyer following my masters in EE.

A headshot of Dylan Werth, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Dylan Werth

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Hometown: Sachse, TX

Why ECE?: Wide range of ways to apply and use the knowledge gained from this degree and I have always been interested in electronics.

Experience: Internships with Raytheon the past 2 summers.

Fun Fact: I play the alto saxophone in the SMU Marching Band and I love jazz.

A headshot of Evan Siewart, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Evan Siewart

Major: Majoring in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering and Minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Why SMU?: I really like the emphasis that SMU places on ensuring that every student succeeds academically and personally and receives hands-on experience.

Experience: Worked with Dr. Camp on drone research in both Taos and Dallas and interned at Texas Instruments in the Analog Technology Development Department.

Activities on campus: President of the SMU Esports Club 

A headshot of Lauren Lyons, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Lauren Lyons

Major: Electrical Engineering B.S. ’20M.S. ‘21

Hometown: Tyler, TX

Why ECE?: I have always loved computers, electronics, and gaming and I wanted to learn about them in depth.

Why SMU?: I love the small class sizes and opportunities that Lyle has to offer!

Experience: Internships at AT&T and Texas Instruments

Fun Fact: I love building computers, quilting, plastic model building, and my cat, Iggy!

A headshot of Yanling Lin, a Lyle School of Engineering student.

Yanling Lin

Major: Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. program

Hometown: Shandong, P.R. China

Research Interests: The planning and operation of the smart distribution system; power system resilience enhancement strategies

Why SMU?: SMU provides me the opportunities to do research that is both exciting for me and meaningful for the real world.

Interests: I like to listen to audio books and podcasts and exploring different communities in Dallas.