Khaled Abdelghany

A headshot of Khaled Abdelghany, a member of the Lyle School of Engineering Faculty.

Fellow, Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity
Member, Transportation Research Board Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Office: Embrey 203H
Phone: 214-768-4309
Professional website:

Educational Background

Ph.D. The University of Texas, Austin, 2001; M.S. Civil Engineering, Cairo University, 1996; B.S. Civil Engineering, Cairo University, 1992


  • Urban Transportation Network Modeling
  • Real-Time Traffic Network Management and Decision Support Systems
  • Crowd Modeling and Managements
  • Urban Growth Prediction Modeling
  • Transit and Emerging Mobility-on-Demand Service Planning and Operations
  • Airlines Strategic Planning and Operations Management
  • City Logistics and Vehicle-Drone Routing 


Taught Courses

  • CEE 1378 Transportation Infrastructure
  • CEE 3307 Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Analysis
  • CEE 5/7378 Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
  • CEE 5/7379 Highways Design and Safety
  • CEE 8378 Analysis of Transportation Systems
  • CEE 8379 Transportation Demand Analysis



Ahmed Abdelghany and Khaled Abdelghany. "Modeling Applications in the Airlines Industry". ASHGATE Publishing. ISBN. 978-0-7546-7874-8. January 2010.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

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