Khaled Abdelghany

Fellow, Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity
Member, Transportation Research Board Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Office: Embrey 203H
Phone: 214-768-4309
Professional website:

Educational Background

Ph.D. The University of Texas, Austin, 2001; M.S. Civil Engineering, Cairo University, 1996; B.S. Civil Engineering, Cairo University, 1992


  • Urban Transportation Network Modeling
  • Real-Time Traffic Network Management and Decision Support Systems
  • Crowd Modeling and Managements
  • Urban Growth Prediction Modeling
  • Transit and Emerging Mobility-on-Demand Service Planning and Operations
  • Airlines Strategic Planning and Operations Management
  • City Logistics and Vehicle-Drone Routing 


Taught Courses

  • CEE 1378 Transportation Infrastructure
  • CEE 3307 Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Analysis
  • CEE 5/7378 Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
  • CEE 5/7379 Highways Design and Safety
  • CEE 8378 Analysis of Transportation Systems
  • CEE 8379 Transportation Demand Analysis



Ahmed Abdelghany and Khaled Abdelghany. "Modeling Applications in the Airlines Industry". ASHGATE Publishing. ISBN. 978-0-7546-7874-8. January 2010.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

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