2019 Stories

Smart Phones Can Determine What You're Typing - (8/21/2019)

FBI Warning: School Apps Could Be Jeopardizing Student Privacy - (8/14/2019)

Attackers Could Be Listening to What You Type - (8/12/2019)

SMU researchers find a new way to snoop with smartphones. But should you be worried? - (8/12/2019)

AI Could Be the Engineer’s Friend - (6/19/2019)

Seth Orsborn Named Director of Deason Innovation Gym - (6/4/2019)

Computer Science Education: Fueling Tomorrow's Technology Growth - (5/21/2019)

Distinguished Fluid Flow Researcher Dr. Paul S. Krueger Appointed Chair of Mechanical Engineering at SMU Lyle School of Engineering - (5/20/2019)

Lyle Dean Marc Christensen Reappointed - (5/1/2019)

SMU grad student receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - (4/23/2019)

City Square tests bringing coffee shop to South Dallas - (4/12/2019)

SMU Student Wins Prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - (4/11/2019)

Hart gift to benefit U.S. Marine Corps vets - (4/10/2019)

CSI: A Camp for STEM Investigation - (4/4/2019)

The Tiniest Tools Scientist Use - (4/2/2019)

Science in the City Underway in Dallas-Fort Worth - (3/18/2019)

The Architecture of Innovation - (3/18/2019)

Science in the City promises a cool study of self-driving cars, prehistoric animals and earthquakes - (3/6/2019)

Thinking Outside the Blockchain Box: SMU Tackles Sustainability with High Tech Solutions - (2/27/2019)

SMU Professor Barbara Minsker Receives 2019 Petersen Award - (2/7/2019)

Bobby Lyle '19 Linz Award Honoree, DMN 02/03/2019 - (2/3/2019)

School District, University Partner to Bring Learning to Life - (1/29/2019)

Latest Hart Gift Advances Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SMU - (1/25/2019)

Intuit’s James Helms Tapped as Spring 2019 Designer-in-Residence for SMU “MADI” Program - (1/24/2019)

Engineering with Impact in Healthcare: Improving Patient Outcome While Saving Money - (1/7/2019)