2015 Stories

8 niche degrees that can really pay off - (12/23/2015)

Katie Krummeck reshapes the Deason Innovation Gym as a space for more than just engineering students - (12/16/2015)

SMU-Lyle’s Online Computer Science Program Ranked #1 by Students - (12/15/2015)

Gyungsu Byun Receives NSF CAREER Award - (12/14/2015)

Student Research Showcased During 3rd Annual Lyle Research Day - (12/10/2015)

SMU Lyle women student engineers take first place in national wastewater engineering design competition - (11/19/2015)

SMU’s Lyle School celebrates 10 years of success enrolling women in engineering studies - (11/19/2015)

Cybersecurity: The hottest millennial career track - (11/6/2015)

The Evolving Security Budget: 3 New Ways CISOs Prioritize Spending - (11/4/2015)

Cyber Security Experts Have High Demand, But a Huge Skills Gap - (11/3/2015)

Increased cyber risks redefining the CISO - (11/2/2015)

Morning Cybersecurity: A Daily briefing on politics and cybersecurity - (10/30/2015)

Survey Tells How Firms Manage Investing in Cybersecurity - (10/30/2015)

Survey: CISOs see cybersecurity progress - (10/29/2015)

How CISOs Manage Cybersecurity Investment: Insights From the Field - (10/29/2015)

Survey finds executive cybersecurity decisions are evolving from compliance to proactive cyber-risk management - (10/28/2015)

Survey finds executive cybersecurity decisions are evolving from compliance to proactive cyber-risk management - (10/28/2015)

Cybersecurity budgets expanding, talent pool constrained, SMU study finds - (10/27/2015)

CISOs Changing How They Manage Cybersecurity Risk - (10/27/2015)

José L. Lage appointed to Directorate for Engineering at National Science Foundation - (10/14/2015)

Katie Krummeck named director of Deason Innovation Gymnasium - (10/7/2015)

Jonathan Stolk to serve as executive director of the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education - (10/7/2015)

SMU to host regional U.N. conference on Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth climate extremes - (9/14/2015)

EMIS Chair Sila Çetinkaya Recognized for Excellence in Teaching - (9/1/2015)

SMU survey: Executive cybersecurity decisions are evolving from compliance to proactive risk management - (8/28/2015)

SMU’s Lyle School Adds Business Track to Master’s in Datacenter Systems Engineering - (8/27/2015)

SMU Lyle School’s Delores Etter named to prestigious ‘100 Inspiring Women In Stem’ list - (8/19/2015)

SMU recognized by Raytheon as strategic partner in cyber research - (8/13/2015)

Taking Action is Good for Design and Business - When It Comes to Design, Action Beats Planning Every Time (7/11/2015)

Professor Ping Gui Named 2015 SMU Ford Research Fellow - (7/1/2015)

Professor Yildirim Hürmüzlü Receives Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Award - (6/26/2015)

Professor Sila Çetinkaya Appointed as EMIS Chair - (6/16/2015)

Lyle Online Degrees Ranked #1 by Students - (6/10/2015)

Professor Eric Larson’s Invention Among iPhone Life Magazine’s ‘Best of CES 2015’ - (5/1/2015)

Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s VP of Internet Services to Speak at Lyle Commencement - (4/27/2015)

Lyle Engineering and Theta Tau Students Win Annual Sing Song Competition - (4/24/2015)

Northeast Texas Chapter of American Concrete Institute International Endows Lyle Scholars Fund in Memory of James M. Shilstone, Sr. - (4/23/2015)

SMU Lyle's Graduate Program in Telecommunications and Network Engineering Receives ITERA's 2015 Program of the Year Award - (4/16/2015)

SMU’s Engineering Students to Test New Virtual Reality Game to Practice Solving Hands-on Infrastructure Failure Problems - (4/9/2015)

Frederick Chang: Developing a National Science of Cyber Security - (4/7/2015)

SMU Lyle Master of Arts in Design and Innovation to Bridge Flexible Thinking, Problem-solving Across Disciplines - (3/17/2015)

Piercing the 20 Percent Ceiling - SMU Lyle, One of Three Schools Lifting the Number of Female Graduates (3/6/2015)

Hundreds of Students Pull an All-nighter at Dallas’ First Major Hackathon - (3/2/2015)

Innovation Brings the Mustang Startup Community to a Tipping Point - (3/2/2015)

Nothing but Net - The "Big Dance of Data Defense" Tips Off this Month (2/27/2015)

Weekend Format Group Meeting Cancellations - (2/27/2015)

Bitcoin Scams Steal at least $11 Million in Virtual Deposits from Unsuspecting Customers - (2/24/2015)

SMU Student Jonah Kirby Named University Innovation Fellow by NSF-funded Epicenter - (2/24/2015)

Revised Weekend Format Inclement Weather Policy - (2/24/2015)

Mitch Thornton Appointed Cecil H. Green Chair of Engineering at SMU - (2/18/2015)

W.W. Caruth Jr. Foundation Awards $2.5M to Retina Foundation and SMU Lyle - (1/29/2015)

SMU Selected for NSF-funded Pathways to Innovation Program - (1/16/2015)

Bulk Data Collection - Fred Chang served on study panel (1/15/2015)

Dr. Kovacevic named 'Engineer of the Year' by ASME North Texas Section - (1/12/2015)