Lyle in the City Project 2014

April 12th-13th 2014

St. Philip's School & Community Center

This year's project incorporated components of service learning as well as UC activity requirements.

To see a full detailing of the project please click here.

Service Learning
identifying a problem (food deserts in South Dallas)
partnering with a group in the community (St. Philip's School & Community Center and Green Phoenix Farms)
co-designing and implementing a solution (aquaponics)

University Curriculum Student Learning Objectives
Community Engagement (developed a community survey, visited the site, spoke with senior citizens, research city zoning and building permits)
Communication (presentation to administrators and community members, solicited donations)

In addition, Samantha, Amanda, Nariana, and Chase, the following students, staff and alumni helped this weekend.

 Andrew Alvarado
 Taylor Henry
 Alex Ussery
 Kaitlyn Thomas
 Charee Stewart (Philosophy Dept. Staff
 Ricky Mouser (Philosophy Major)
 Cameron Woolley (Philosophy Major)
 Tyler Nelson (Geology Major)
 Conner Flynn (Geology Major)
 Margot O. Daniel (Advertising Major
 Umang Thanki
 Tracy Von Gonten (Alumni)
 Marcus Hayes
 Jack Von Gonten (son of Alumni)
 Rachel Gonzalez
 Sheila Pata (St. Philip's Science Teacher)
 Dr. Terry Flowers (St. Philip's Headmaster)
 David Lee
 Emely Villeda-Prinipe
 Kaitlyn Hatfield
 Shwetha Bhat
 Danton Zhao
 Rachel Turner
 Alex Mychaels
 Aurora Havens
 Rachel Buchanan (project coordinator)
 John Kiser
 Lauryn Smith
 Samantha Wyatt
 Vernon Ward (St. Philip's staff)