Lyle Newsroom 2011 Stories

Dallas Morning News: SMU Faculty Armendariz for Texan of the Year - Tom Smith makes a case for Dr. Al Armendariz as Texan of the Year for his contributions to improving Texas' environment (11/30/2011)

Design Change: Master of Arts in Sustainability and Development - Learn more about this exciting new degree resulting from collaboration between academic and government leaders and multi-industry SMU professionals. (11/21/2011)

American Banker: The Texas Ratio - Tom Siems explains the origin and purpose of the Texas Ratio and how it has become distinctively less Texan since the financial crisis. (11/4/2011)

Wired: Laser powered artificial limbs - SMU Lyle professors Christensen and Otugen continue their groundbreaking research: creating truly life-like prosthesis for the Pentagon. (11/3/2011)

The Guardian: Can the intensity of a hurricane be predicted? - SMU Lyle professors Maggie Dunham, Michael Hahsler, Yu Su develop modeling technique to predict speed of hurricane winds. (10/31/2011)

ABC News: "Made in America" Visits SMU - Tweet from SMU first year brings "Made in America" to SMU (10/26/2011)

Top Honors: Lyle team takes 3rd at nation-wide competition - SMU represents Texas for the third year in a row, provides strong showing at the largest water quality conference held in north America. (10/19/2011)

Forced Migration Review: Technology and engineering to support work with refugees - Stephanie Hunt and Geoffrey Orsak write about the efforts of the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity to forge partnerships that encourage young engineers to use
their skills in the service of refugees. (10/12/2011)

Design News: My Steve Jobs - Dean Orsak reminisces about all of the touch points in his life that have involved the technology developed by Apple and its visionary, Steve Jobs. (10/11/2011)

Christian Science Monitor: Dean Orsak on Jobs's Genius and Impact - Dean Orsak comments on Steve Jobs's rise from the Bay Area counterculture to prominence in Silicon Valley (10/7/2011)

Research Partnership: SMU lab establishes research partnership with the U.N. - Lab headed by Dr. Andrew Quicksall to address water quality in refugee camps. (10/7/2011)

Making Leaders: Hart Center partners with CCL to bring leadership development to all SMU engineering students - Organizations with a common leadership mission partner to research, design and implement new educational elements that enhance the value of an engineering education.

Moon and Back: Drake Frank on Commercial Aerospace - SMU student Drake Frank discusses how he got started with Solar System Express and some of the projects that they work on (9/25/2011)

Design News: Engineering to deal with East African crisis - Dean Orsak discusses the crisis in East Africa and how engineering and collaboration with the African people is the only path to improvement. (9/23/2011)

EEWeb: Featured Engineer: Geoffrey Orsak - A candid interview with Lyle School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak on the state of engineering today, the challenges that the industry faces, and why he became an engineer. (9/5/2011)

Wai-Wrong: Lyle's Thornton interviewed about discrepancies in DART contract award - Lyle Engineering Professor Mitchell Thornton talks to CBS 11 News of Dallas about the requirement for a licensed engineer on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit project. (8/24/2011)

New Support: Lyle School's Innovation Gym now supported by National Instruments and Lockheed Martin - National Instruments has joined Lockheed Martin in supporting the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering’s Innovation Gym. (5/20/2011)

Tomorrow's Leaders: Top Texas Engineering Students Learn to Lead at Dallas Conference - Nearly 100 engineering and computer science students from Texas converged on Dallas for the All Across Texas Engineering Leadership Development Conference. (5/17/2011)

CSE Team Shocks Competition: - SMU takes 2nd at NCCDC Regional Competition (4/29/2011)

The Wall Street Journal: California vs. Texas: Debating Their Economic Policies - Dr. Tom Siems compares California and Texas in this letter to the editor. (4/28/2011)

IEEE Spectrum: Acoustic Energy Harvesters Gaining Volume - Lyle Professor Jeong Ho You's research focuses on harnessing the power of sound. (4/26/2011)

Engineering Ethics: Engineering Students Debate the Risk/Rewards of Nuclear Power - Do the benefits of nuclear power outweigh the risks? This Thursday, April 14, SMU Lyle School of Engineering students will discuss the ethics of engineering and nuclear energy. (4/13/2011)

Daily Campus: Engineering and Humanity Week - The Hunt Institute's Engineering and Humanity Week kicks off April 11 with the opening of the Living Village. (4/11/2011)

Humanitarian Thinking: SMU Students Build Refugee Camp on Campus - SMU Lyle is turning part of its campus into a refugee camp, straight out of a third-world country. (4/11/2011)

Three-Peat: Lyle engineers take state title ... again. - Team of Lyle engineers takes first place, advances to represent Texas in national competition. (4/8/2011)

Dallas Morning News: Hunt Institute to Build Third World Village on SMU Campus - Stephanie Hunt wants people to see, touch, feel and then dream up solutions for some of the grittiest problems facing the impoverished world. (3/12/2011)

Design News: Humanitarian-Focused Engineering - The first Engineering and Humanity Week will take place April 11-15, 2011, on the SMU campus with the centerpiece being the student-led effort to construct a "living village." (3/8/2011)

Lost Droid?: SMU CSE Seniors Design and Sell SeekDroid App. - Amir Ghadiry and Brian Tannous receive acclaim for new SeekDroid App. (3/7/2011)

Popular Science: Talk To The Hand: A New Interface For Bionic Limbs - SMU researchers developing technology that will revolutionize bionic limbs. (3/1/2011)

Visioneering: Dallas-area students envision and design tomorrow's personal entertainment wonders - Will teens in 2020 have holographic cell phones? Voice texting capability? 3D TVs? Find out what Dallas-area students dream and devise for our future on Feb. 26. (2/23/2011)

Hunt Institute: Institute representatives observe solar powered water systems in Kenya - HabiHut, in collaboration with The Hunt Institute, will package a “turn-key” business to be sold as franchises to micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world. (2/15/2011)

SMU Magazine: At the Lyle School of Engineering, Play is Hard Work - Geoffrey Orsak loves it when students come to Caruth Hall to play. As Dean of The Lyle School of Engineering, Orsak oversees SMU's newest intellectual playground, which he calls a "Sandbox for Innovation." (1/6/2011)

Design News: Lyle Student Designs Surround Sound Fun in 3D - Design News magazine highlights Lyle Student Raven Sanders' work on a gadget that takes a three-dimensional approach to mixing sound. (1/1/2011)

PR Newswire: Students Build Living Village for Math Credit - The Infinity Project bridges the gap between theory and practicality for high school students.

Research: Lyle CSE Students Participate in Texas Undergraduate Research Day - Two CSE students, John Forrest and Vladimir Jovanovic, represented SMU at the first Texas Undergraduate Research Day held on Feb. 14.