Lyle Newsroom 2009 Stories

Design News: Op-Ed - Awash in Data - But don’t make it the new political weapon of the information age - Dean Geoffrey Orsak says we should be ever mindful to let our own agendas determine the truth hidden inside the piles of reports available today. (12/14/2009)

Dallas Morning News: SMU institute aims to attack world poverty through innovation - The Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity will develop low-cost innovations, act as a think tank and sponsor global competitions to find solutions to change the lives of the truly impoverished. (12/9/2009)

Engineering a Better Tomorrow: SMU’s new Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute to develop low-cost solutions for global poor - Pairing technological innovation with business collaboration to improve conditions for the global poor is the driving force behind the new Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity at SMU's Bobby Lyle School of Engineering. (12/8/2009)

KERA: Lyle Engineering on KERA's "Think" today - Dean Geoffrey Orsak and ENCE chair Jeff Talley join host Krys Boyd to discuss how the Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity will work to help the impoverished around the world. (12/8/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed: Where’s the Off Switch? - Dean Geoffrey Orsak writes that the U.S. Dept. of Energy says 75 percent of energy is used by “off ” appliances (11/12/2009)

WFAA-8: Lyle's 'Miracle Man' overcomes cancer, swine flu - Lyle engineering student Jerrold Dash beat cancer, a double lung transplant and H1N1 flu while earning a one degree and pursuing another. (11/12/2009)

Dallas Morning News: Editorial: EPA appointment could be coup for clean air - The Environmental Protection Agency sent a strong message with its appointment of Al Armendariz to the region's top post: It's time to clear the air. (11/11/2009)

Fort-Worth Business Press: SMU professor who linked air pollution, gas industry, named local EPA head - The SMU Professor whose studies assert that natural gas drilling isn’t as clean as advertised has been named a regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. (11/6/2009)

Star-Telegram: SMU professor named EPA regional head - Al Armendariz has been named the regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency's Dallas offfice where he'll oversee federal environmental policy in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. (11/5/2009)

Dallas Morning News: SMU professor named new EPA regional chief for Texas, four other states - Dr. Al Armendariz, a Southern Methodist University engineering professor, has been named the Environmental Protection Agency's new regional administrator over Texas and four other states. (11/5/2009)

Leading the Way: SMU Lyle Professor Al Armendariz announced by White House as EPA Region 6 Administrator - EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson announced President Barack Obama’s selection of Dr. Alfredo “Al” Armendariz to be the Agency’s Regional Administrator for EPA’s region 6. (11/5/2009)

To Infinity and Beyond: The Infinity Project Helps Texas High Schools Meet New 4th Year Science Requirement - An established engineering curriculum program is now positioned to help Texas principals and superintendents challenged to fill fall schedules with expanded science and math classes to adhere to new 4X4 graduation requirements. (11/4/2009)

NPR: Health Issues Follow Natural Gas Drilling In Texas - Lyle faculty member, and air quality expert, Dr. Al Armendariz is interviewed in this story of air quality issues in North Texas and a possible problem caused by natural gas drilling. (11/3/2009)

TEDxSMU was a resounding success: See the video and slideshows from TEDxSMU - The TEDx experience arrived at SMU on October 9-10, 2009, featuring high octane, brain-teasing presentations by global thought leaders for both children and adults. (11/3/2009)

D magazine: Dr. Jeff Talley - A New Kind of Engineering Professor - How God and the Hunt family lured one of the most decorated engineers in the country from Notre Dame to SMU. (10/26/2009)

CNET News: SMU students win innovation competition with biometric keyboard - Safelock, by Jeff Allen and John Howard of the Lyle School of Engineernig at SMU, biometrically authenticates a user with just eight characters entered, winning the Microsoft-sponsored UIST 2009 Student Innovation Competition. (10/15/2009)

New York Times: Curbing Climate Change by Sealing Gas Leaks - The New York Times quotes Lyle Engineering air quality expert Al Armendariz for a recent story on gas leaks and climate change. (10/14/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Moonshot 2.0 - No American achievement has come close to the first lunar landing - Dean Geoffrey Orsak explains why no American achievement has topped NASA's landing of a man on the moon. (10/14/2009)

Dallas Morning News: TEDxSMU upends conventional wisdom - Cheryl Hall says that TEDxSMU was an event that should not have been missed. (10/14/2009)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas Industries Worry About EPA Crackdown - Lyle Engineering Professor Al Armendariz, an expert on air quality, provided expertise for the AP's analysis of a possible change in EPA regulations. (10/14/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - City on a Hill - Engineers must marry strength, beauty, community building - Lyle School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak addresses criticism from Dallas publisher that engineers are ruining our cities. (10/9/2009)

NBC5: Digital electric meter security questioned - SMU Engineering Professors Suku Nair and Mitchell Thornton talk to NBC 5 News about the security of new digital electric meters being installed in the North Texas area. (9/21/2009)

The Daily Campus: Students 'engineer' help for South Dallas residents, third world nations - Students from the Lyle School of Engineering put their education and skills to use to become "Engineering Activists" in their community. (9/14/2009)

The Year in Defense - Interview: Delores Etter, Ph.D. - Interview with Delores Etter, director of the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education, regarding the state of engineering education in our nation. (9/1/2009)

The Kipplinger Report: Defense Needs Drive Tech Innovation (mentions SMU research) - (8/25/2009)

KERA: Orsak debates D Magazine chief about engineering - Dean Geoffrey Orsak debates Wick Allison, Editor in Chief of D Magazine, on the role of engineers in Dallas future and history. (8/17/2009)

Denton County Record: Denton County air at quality threshold - Lyle researcher Al Armendariz is quoted in this story about the serious air quality problems present in Denton County. (8/3/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - The Next Einstein- Two men prove they can make a difference, despite the odds against them - Lyle School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak writes about two impressive men's aspirations in his monthly column for Design News magazine. (8/1/2009)

Fort Worth Star Telegram: At SMU, rising general’s new mission is to apply engineering to global poverty - The Lyle School of Engineering's unorthodox pursuit of a top academic and military mind. (7/29/2009)

Systematic Thinking: Lyle School introduces Ph.D. in System Engineering - Degree targeted to addressing national defense and healthcare needs of the nation. (7/23/2009)

Dallas Morning News: TED's intellectual circus of ideas to come to SMU in October - Southern Methodist University is bringing a TED-like event called TEDxSMU to campus in October, and TEDsters are elated. (7/22/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Everybody's Gotta Have One - Geoffrey Orsak’s top 10 “can’t live without” technologies - Lyle School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak writes about his favorite technologies in his monthly column for Design News magazine. (7/14/2009)

Dallas Morning News: Op-Ed - Dallas-area clean air plan failing. Now what? - Lyle researcher Al Armendariz comments on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's clean air plan and the future of air quality in the DFW area. (7/13/2009)

CW33 News: SMU Develops High Tech Micro Camera - Cutting edge micro cameras are being developed in a basement lab at Southern Methodist University. The project is code-named Panoptes. (7/8/2009)

Global Perspectives: New certificate programs from Mechanical Engineering Dept. - New credit-bearing certificate in Global Systems and Sustainable Organizations is considered by many to be the first of its kind in the U.S. enhanced by the Baldrige Criteria. (7/2/2009)

Wired magazine: Darpa’s Smart, Flat Camera Is Packed With Beady Eyes - Wired magazine takes a look at the DARPA-funded research being conducted by Dr. Marc Christensen. (7/1/2009)

New Certificates: Four certificates in Project Management offered through ENCE Dept. - The Lyle School of Engineering introduces four new certificate programs in Project Management (6/25/2009)

CBS11: Lyle Engineering Camp Reaches Young Girls - (6/23/2009)

NBC5: Camp at Lyle School of Engineering Creating Female Engineers - (6/23/2009)

Fox4: Young Girls at Lyle School of Engineering Learning About Engineering - Fox4 cameras were there to capture the final week of the Lyle School of Engineering Summer Camp for Girls at SMU. (6/23/2009)

KERA Radio: Women Engineers Still In Extreme Minority - KERA's Bill Zeeble looks at the underrepresentation of women in engineering and what the Lyle School of Engineering is doing to address the problem. (6/23/2009)

Dallas Morning News: Engineering camp brings science to life at SMU - The Lyle School of Engineering Camp for Girls was started by administrators to increase the number of young women pursuing careers in the field of engineering. (6/19/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Dean Geoffrey Orsak - Engineering the Peace - Dean Geoffrey Orsak's latest Op-Ed for Design News magazine focuses on the amazing work of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Talley in Iraq. (6/13/2009)

DefenseNews Sharper Image: Multiple Tiny Lenses Combine for Surveillance Clarity - A story covering the development of HighTech Eyes by Dr. Marc Christensen, chair of the Electrical Engineering Depaertment. (6/8/2009)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: SMU prof was right about Barnett Shale pollution - State environmental officials say Lyle Engineering researcher Al Armendariz was correct about high amounts of air pollution from Barnett Shale. (6/8/2009)

Battlefield to Classroom: Renowned military engineer joins Lyle faculty - Jeffrey Talley, a two-star general lauded for his work in Baghdad, will chair SMU's Environmental and Civil Engineering Dept. (6/8/2009)

D magazine: SMU Dean of Engineering Geoffrey C. Orsak On Setting Minds Free - The dean of SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering is teaching his students the art of “successful failure.” (5/20/2009)

Office of Naval Research: Navy Announces 2009 Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Awards - Thirty-four scientists and engineers were honored at the third annual Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year awards May 19.

Design News: Op-Ed - Fail Fast, Fail Early - The latest Op-Ed by Dean Geoffrey Orsak for Design News magazine. (5/1/2009)

The Times Picayune: Lyle Engineering’s Morstead Taken In NFL Draft by New Orleans Saints - The New Orleans Saints traded up into the fifth round to pick punter Thomas Morstead, a punter from Southern Methodist and mechanical engineering major at the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering. (4/26/2009)

WFAA-8 News: Student engineers design for the disabled - John McCaa of WFAA Channel 8 visited SMU recently to see student innovation in action. Senior mechanical engineering majors in the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering's 2008-09 Senior Design Course unveiled their final projects April 20. (4/20/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Dean Geoffrey Orsak – They Said What? - The latest Op-Ed by Dean Geoffrey Orsak for Design News magazine. (4/1/2009)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: SMU launches partnership with Lockheed’s Skunk Works - Skunk Works chief Frank Cappuccio gave a lecture that kicked off a new relationship between the Skunk Works and the Lyle School of Engineering at SMU. (3/19/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Banish the Mundane: It's TED Time - (3/16/2009)

Fort Worth Business Press: SMU professor, energy industry debate pollution study - A study released by a Southern Methodist University engineering professor that equates Barnett Shale-related pollution to the Metroplex’s entire traffic circulation has raised a collective eyebrow from some energy industry representatives. (2/23/2009)

Fox 4 News: Students Plan to Power Schools in 2030 - Southern Methodist University’s engineering department hosted a competition Saturday and encouraged more than 700 students to brainstorm about new energy sources. (2/14/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - Top 5 Reasons to Stop Whining - (2/1/2009)

Designated Research Partner: Lyle Systems Engineering Program tapped to join research efforts - Lyle School of Engineering to serve as a designated research collaborator in Nation’s first DoD funded University Affiliated Research Center focused on Systems Engineering (1/27/2009)

SMU Research magazine: Points of Light: Don’t blink, or you might miss the next big (quantum) thing - SMU Professor of Electrical Engineering Gary Evans recently received some good news: Journal reviewers said they thought his proposal for solving one of the most perplexing problems in the emerging field of integrated photonics sounded impossible. (1/23/2009)

Fort Worth Business Press: SMU professor awarded EDF contract to study Barnett Shale pollutants - A Southern Methodist University engineering professor who previously briefed the City Council-appointed 2008 Gas Drilling Task Force on pollution caused by Barnett Shale production was awarded a contract by the Environmental Defense Fund to develop “the first comprehensive” study of gas exploration’s effects on area air quality, according to a Jan. 15 university statement (1/15/2009)

Design News: Op-Ed - My Breakfast with Amory Lovins - (1/5/2009)