Lyle Newsroom 2008 Stories

Dallas Morning News: Bobby Lyle changing the landscape of engineering at SMU - From Bobby Lyle's high-rise offices on Central Expressway, the 67-year-old oilman has a bird's-eye view of the new engineering quadrangle taking shape at Southern Methodist University. (11/24/2008)

Design News: Op-Ed - Hard Truthsr: Energy efficiency must be our top priority - Dean Geoffey Orsak explains why we should make it a hallmark of the energy industry to be the most energy-efficient community in the industrial food chain. (11/3/2008)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: SMU engineering students getting 'Plugged in' - Geoffrey Orsak, dean of Southern Methodist University’s Lyle School of Engineering, was concerned that some of his students were so immersed in the college scene that they had forgotten there’s another world out there. (Some confused Defense Secretary Robert Gates with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, he said. (10/30/2008)

Control Engineering magazine: SMU Dean talks about mechatronics education - “SMU dean talks about mechatronics education” is a new 20-min podcast available for download from the Control Engineering Website. In it, Dr. Geoffrey Orsak, dean of the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University discusses the present and future of mechatronics engineering education with Control Engineering senior editor, C.G. Masi. (10/28/2008)

Fort Worth Business Press: SMU to open Skunk Works modeled on Lockheed Martin lab - Southern Methodist University said Oct. 17 it is naming its SMU School of Engineering in honor of Bobby B. Lyle, a Dallas entrepreneur and industry leader, and will also establish a Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Lab at the engineering school. (10/18/2008)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: SMU to open engineering lab modeled after Skunk Works - Southern Methodist University will open an engineering laboratory that will be modeled after a Lockheed Martin research center considered among the most innovative in the world. (10/18/2008)

Dallas Morning News: SMU to rename engineering school for oilman Bobby Lyle - Southern Methodist University will rename its Lyle School of Engineering after prominent Dallas oilman Bobby Lyle at a ceremony today. (10/17/2008)

Design News: Op-Ed – The Apple Core and the Candy Wrapper: We Need Green Design Tools Now - Lyle Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak won't stop until each of his students graduates with the sense of responsibility and the skills required to green our industry and our planet. (10/6/2008)

USFI Greenworks: The Science of Sustainability: SMU's New Sustainable Engineering Certificate Program - Two of us "GreenWorkers" recently attended a presentation by the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University offered at the offices of the Beck Group in Downtown Dallas. (9/25/2008)

Design News: Op-Ed - Gimme Shelter: Engineering Innovation Can't Wait for Political Leadership - Lyle Dean Geoffrey Orsak says innovations in engineering must happen now because we can't wait on political leadership to act. (9/22/2008)

CW 33 News: Google Introduces New Browser (features Dr. Frank Coyle) - CW33 reporter Michael Rey features the expert comments of Dr. Frank Coyle of the Computer Engineering Department while analyzing the news that Google will compete with Microsoft in the Web browser business . (9/2/2008)

Dallas Morning News: Middle school teachers learn Infinity Project's science, math secrets - To combat a dearth of engineering students at the university level, the staff of Southern Methodist University's Infinity Project sought to capture young minds early to engage them in a love of science and math. (8/21/2008)

Design News: Op-Ed - Our Big Asterisk: Let's finish the job - Our 20th Century engineers made huge strides, but it is up to our generation to finish the job by making them cheaper and greener. (8/10/2008)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: SMU students heading to robot-submarine competition - Engineering students from Southern Methodist University plan to take their robot submarine, officially called Seahorse III but nicknamed Yellow Submarine, on its ultimate adventure. (7/21/2008)

Dallas Morning News: SMU students build a submarine with brains - A small, bright yellow submarine dubbed Seahorse III stopped on cue and submerged on command this week in a pool at Southern Methodist University. (7/18/2008)

Dallas Business Journal: Air plan passes muster (Features quotes from assistant professor Al Armendariz) - But clean air expert Al Armendariz, an assistant professor in the department of environmental and civil engineering at Southern Methodist University, disagrees. Armendariz says the plan is doomed to fail. He said he bases that on the slow annual rate of ozone reduction achieved so far over the past five, 10 and 20 years. (7/16/2008)

Dallas Morning News: SMU summer camp exposes girls to engineering - Pairs of teenage girls hunched over desks in a classroom at Southern Methodist University on Wednesday using bowls, copper wire, paper, magnets and tape to build speakers. "We're creating female, young MacGyvers here," said Michael Paulk, a spokesman for the Lyle Engineering department. (7/9/2008)

Dallas Morning News: UTA, SMU, UTD build up engineering programs - We've seen plenty of stories about how many engineers China and India turn out each year. But a look at the three main engineering schools in the Dallas area – the University of Texas at Arlington, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas – shows that all three are working to meet the demand by adding state-of-the-art facilities and programs. (6/30/2008)

Dallas Morning News: Chief green officers sprouting up (mentions SMU program) - Betsy del Monte often gets blank stares when she tells people what she does for a living. As director of sustainability for Dallas-based builder Beck Group, she's in charge of the company's eco-friendly design, recycling programs and green consulting and marketing. (6/25/2008)

Design News: Career Advice from the Mechatronics Expo - Coverage of the Mechatronics Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., that features Dean Geoffrey Orsak’s keynote address to the attendees (6/22/2008)

U.S. Green Building Council North Texas Chapter: Embrey Engineering Building at Southern Methodist University certified LEED Gold - The USGBC North Texas Chapter is proud to announce that Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Embrey Engineering Building has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction (LEED-NC) certification at the Gold level, making it the only collegiate academic building in Texas and one of the first in the United States to achieve such standards. (6/3/2008)

Design News: Op-Ed - Let’s Not Forget the Dollar Per Day Economy - Engineers have been, and must continue to be, the true agents of global change. (6/2/2008)

Dallas Morning News: SMU breaking ground on new Caruth Hall engineering building - Engineering education at Southern Methodist University will take a major step forward today at a groundbreaking for Caruth Hall at the School of Engineering. (5/9/2008)

CBS 11 News: Chair of Mechanical Engineering discusses aerodynamics and fuel efficiency - CBS 11 interviews Volkan Ortugen, chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department, about the impact of North Texas winds on the fuel efficiency of cars. (5/1/2008)

The Dallas Morning News/CBS 11 News: Coverage of Sally Ride Science Festival - About 800 girls launched marshmallows, collected autographs and learned about science and math careers on Saturday at the Sally Ride Science Festival at Southern Methodist University... (4/27/2008)

CBS 11 News: SMU Student Show Off ‘Disabled Designs’ - A group of Southern Methodist University mechanical engineering students showed off their designs of the future Wednesday Some of their inventions may eventually become products used to help disabled people live better lives... (4/16/2008)

Dallas Morning News: TI endows engineer chair - The Texas Instruments Foundation has given Southern Methodist University $2 million to endow a distinguished chair in engineering education, and the holder will also serve as director of the school's Caruth Institute for Engineering Education. (3/10/2008)