Calendar of Events

-  SPRING TERM 2018 - 
January 26, Friday: Last day to enroll, add a course, or drop a course without tuition billing while remaining enrolled for the term.   Last day to file for graduation in May.
February 2, Friday: Last day to drop a course without academic record (tuition charges apply).  Last day to withdraw from the university without academic record (withdrawal refund schedule applies). See Bursar’s website for more information. 
February 6, Tuesday: Last day to declare pass/fail, no credit or first- year repeated course grading options. Also, last day to request an excused absence for the observance of a religious holiday.
February 26, Monday: Early intervention grades due for first-year undergraduate students.
March 6, Tuesday: Last day for continuing undergraduate students to change their majors before April enrollment.
March 12 -18, Monday-Sunday: Spring break 
March 27, Tuesday: Midterm grades due for first-year and sophomore students.
April 4, Wednesday:  60 percent point of the term that federal financial aid has been earned if a student officially withdraws from SMU; prior to this date a partial calculated return to federal programs will be required.
March 30, Friday: Good Friday. University offices closed.
April 1, Sunday: Easter Sunday.
April 10-27, Tuesday–Friday: Enrollment for summer 2018 and fall 2018 continuing students for all undergraduates and graduates in Dedman College, Lyle and Meadows.
April 11, Wednesday: Last day to drop a course (grade of W).
April 13, Friday: Last Day for May graduation candidates to change grades of Incomplete, and to obtain a final grade for a grade of X or a missing grade from a previous term.
April 16, Monday: Honors Convocation, 5:30 p.m.
April 25, Wednesday: Students should file for August or December graduation. Last day to file for August graduation is June 7. Last day to file for December graduation is the last day to enroll for fall 2018.
April 27, Friday: Last day to withdraw from the University (grade of W).
May 2–7, Wednesday–Monday: No final examinations or unscheduled tests and papers.
May 3, Thursday: Last day for oral/written examinations for graduate students who are May degree candidates.
May 7, Monday: Last day of classes (follows a Friday schedule).
May 8, Tuesday: Reading Day.
May 9–15, Wednesday–Tuesday: Examinations (No examinations scheduled for Sunday).
May 16, Wednesday: Residence halls officially close for non-graduating students.
May 18, Friday: Baccalaureate.
May 19, Saturday: Commencement Convocation.  Official close of term and conferral of degrees.
May 20, Sunday: Residence halls officially close for graduating seniors.