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GMAT Preparation

Boost your test scores. Did you know that 9 out of 10 graduate business schools require the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) for admissions? The higher your score, the better chance you have of attending the graduate school of your choice.

The SMU GMAT Prep course will provide:

  • Skills to maximize your efficiency on test day
  • Insights to exam content and questions
  • Opportunities to take practice tests
  • Confidence to perform at your best

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Course Content

Our comprehensive GMAT Preparation course provides you with everything you need to get ready for the exam. Each class meeting covers general test-taking strategies and specific information regarding the Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections of the GMAT.

Expert instructors walk you through each section of the test in an easy to follow format and will provide the tools you need to master the GMAT. Our proven tips will help you save time, eliminate mistakes, and improve your score.

Textbooks and materials are included in the registration fee.

Course Format

Live online classes provide the flexibility of attending class from anywhere, while still having the opportunity for real-time interaction with our expert instructors.


SMU GMAT Preparation classes are scheduled throughout the year, to meet your needs and application deadlines. We recommend taking a test prep course several months before you plan to take the exam. Find out more about the GMAT and upcoming exam dates.

Who Should Take SMU GMAT Prep Classes?

Many Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, as well as other graduate programs in business, economics, accounting, and related fields of study may require you to submit GMAT scores as part of your application. Whether you are planning to continue your studies at the next level, or return to school as a working professional, our course will give you the skills and techniques to achieve your best score.

Free Strategy Workshops

Join us for this FREE test prep strategy workshop to gain insights into the test-taking skills you need and jump-start your exam preparation. Presented in an easy to follow format, this workshop will present general test-taking tips and basic information about the GMAT – exam components, scoring, test dates, and more. Whether you plan to study on your own or take one of our test preparation courses, this workshop is a great place to start.

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