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looking at zine in caseThe Mildred Hawn Exhibition Gallery in the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library, SMU, serves a central role of community engagement in the arts. The mission of the gallery is to hold exhibitions by professionals in the performing and visual arts, regionally, nationally and abroad, which center on academic areas represented in the Hamon Arts Library’s collections and the curriculum of the Meadows School of the Arts and to encourage and share critical discourse with its patron community.  These exhibitions serve as a provocative and extended experience in the learning environment of Hamon and Meadows through its installations, gallery talks and Hamon blog.

Located on the first floor of the Hamon Arts Library, the Hawn Gallery and adjacent lobby offer a rotating installation of exhibitions.

The gallery is open during the Hamon Arts Library hours of operation and free to the public.


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Announcing the 2017 Curatorial Fellow for the Hawn Gallery: Emily Rueggeberg

Emily Rueggeberg (New Hampshire, 1992) is an art historian specializing in modern and contemporary art with a focus in feminist and performance art. Rueggeberg received her Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating, and Criticism from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 (with merit) and a BA in Art History from Mount Holyoke College in 2014. Her graduate thesis examined female art collaborations and how the principles of feminism act as useful frames of reference when curating exhibitions as they both reveal and facilitate the removal of hierarchical structures that exist in museums.

Rueggeberg has a strong background curating exhibitions both in the U.S. and Scotland where she was living for the past two years. In 2016, with the help of the organization ATLAS ARTS, Rueggeberg co-curated public programing for the group exhibition NEO/NEO Extreme Past  at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art. The exhibition brought together artists responding to archaeological sites in Isle of Skye through found natural objects, sculptures, and new media. Rueggeberg is particularly interested in art, both contemporary pieces and those held in archives, as an educational tool and how exhibitions are excellent places for children and adults to expand their knowledge about art as well as socio-political issues affecting us in our day-to-day lives.

As the Curatorial Fellow for the Hawn Gallery, Rueggeberg will curate three exhibitions during the academic year that complement and enrich the Hamon Arts Library’s collections and the Meadows School of the Arts’ curriculum. 

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